: Magebound (Volume 1) (): Katica Locke: Books. Magebound and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Magebound by Katica Locke. Lark, an abused slave, and Lord Sactaren, a powerful mage, discover magic, adventure and steamy, smoldering romance in this. Magebound by Katica Locke: Chapter One. By: Katica Locke. Teaser — Lark is a slave, now the property of the enigmatic Traxen Mage.

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The girl kicked one of the slavers as she left, so I think she’ll be okay. It confused me, which is the right one, the one that actually happened? Love is not the domain of the rich, magebonud the powerful, or the beautiful.

I may have broken a rib. I’d like to say that the relationship between the protagonists is this book’s redeeming quality, but it’s not. Between Lark and the powerful and mysterious mage his master. That’s what happens when you never get enough to eat.


I can not wait to read more! Sep 13, Fen’Harel rated it really liked it Shelves: I sigh and follow him. Now it’s just dirt and gravel rising up beside me, and beyond the unicorn, it looks like the ground just drops away. It’s frustrating, all the dancing around each other I’m – I was Lord Sactaren’s assistant, but I’ve gotten too old for the job, which’s why you’re here.

I stand silently with the others; the boy, two broken looking men in their late thirties, a big, brooding fellow a few years older than me and a sour woman not quite old enough to be locie mother, as we wait for the inevitable.


This book definitely requires a sequel, and I understand one is in the works. He’s very complex, magebouns saying and doing terrible things to Lark, but as he says, he’s really a good man at heart and I laughed here because he’s not really a man, mqgebound I suppose he can become one.

I liked most of the characters but they were more like tropes than complex people, and the attraction between the leads is confusing and not particularly hot. So, maybe I was just the wrong audience for this kind of book though I did enjoy Luck in the Shadows, which also features gay protagonists, so I don’t think my problems with the book stem from that corner.

His clothes are mostly leather, worn slick and shiny, and he’s got spurs and a rope, so I’m guessing a rancher, probably from a fair distance, mageboynd this isn’t exactly cattle country. Lemegeton Academy by Encore19 reviews Homoerotic story involving warlocks, ghouls and daemons in a prestigious all-boys academy for dark magic. I love camping, hiking, bird watching, and rock-hounding and spend my free time writing, reading, or watching TV, movies, and sporting events.

There are a few antagonists in it the most prominent being the jealous woman whom Naeven married only because he wants an heirbut they don’t do much, so Lark and Naeven are literally their own worst katicca. I want to ask him, What the hell are you afraid of?

Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 37 23. I want to know what’s up with the mage’s wife. There are some things that are not quite clear for me, but that I think they will be clearer as the story arc devolves in the planned books.

I bite down hard, but a small sound slips out anyway and I cast my eyes down as he looks at me. For a master, he doesn’t seem that bad. If my master’s castle is any indication of his wealth, I’m probably better off running for it. I am taller than him by nearly half a head.


Lists with This Book. Walking around half naked, rubbing salve lkcke each others bodies etc, and generally misusing the plot to create these situations didn’t work for me at all.

Magebound by Katica Locke

A slave since the age of eight, Lark has been brutalized and victimized. It’s probably three times what they’d get for me, even in a big city. Kindle Editionpages. Magebreak reviews Teaser — The simplest words are often the most difficult to say.

After a moment, he takes his hand out from under my shirt and lets me breathe. As Andrew and Sydney celebrate their first Christmas together, a startling confession throws their seemingly perfect relationship into chaos.

The story was about a dragon, a unicorn, and a dwarf on some kind of adventure. Forum General Fiction Poetry. I purchased this book on a whim, as it was recommended magebonud me by Amazon and in my quick pick list.

Katica Locke

I’ve never been owned by one, but I’ve met people who had been. Basically, this means magic leaves you horny.

I watch him place the box back on its shelf. True, others were made up, but some weren’t.