Buy Guide to the Technocracy (Mage: The Ascension) 1st Edition by Phil Brocato (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. I’m planning on running with the 1st edition book I already have. How compatible is Guide to the Technocracy with that edition? I didn’t like the. (See the novels The Ascension Warrior and The Road to Hell. • Heightened technology has become so complex that it’s sometimes difficult even for Technocrats.

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Because White Wolf couldn’t produce a splat book without giving rules on how to run it, now could they? James is meanwhile interrogating the remaining deviant, and when protag comes over to him he finds the spook is shaken. It doesn’t say if they were manned or not, which brings up some horrible imagery At the same time, there was another organization that contested the results of the “interferometer experiment.

Test sample of what? It embodied the Masses rising up to fight and reject the supernatural, to hunt down and kill the supernatural lurking in the shadows. Okay, that sounds dumb as hell, but as pg.

This all came to a head in with the Digger Rebellion, wherein a socialistic commune of English farmers occupied and cultivated the fields of their neighbors. Shannon Lewis rated it liked it Mar 10, Naturally this is highly sought after and is incredibly valuable, but how does one find it? Von Reismann had a final wish, though!

This group of wanna-bes are the Jimmy Olsens of the Technocracy, helping out others by bending the rules while keeping their heads down. Reassessing Perspective Hey, that intro is pretty typical, right?

Why hack into a bank when you can just get the teller to do it for you with a phone call?

Kamrads and Ciphers are worth little consideration within It-X, often becoming guinea pigs for new technologies if they fail. Agents are given some leeway on missions, because their job requires asking questions and following leads, but check with your supervisor first before asking about that local sports team, m’kay?


They figure, why use a mundane thing like a hammer or paper clip when they can use a Hypertech Space-Hammer or a Spacial Distorting Paper Clip? The deviants work in greasy fast ti However, a lot can be excused when arresting such people; a vampire cutting up people in a club can be handled with minimal fuss if you and your buddies come in and take him down and tell the press it was just some psycho on PCP.

Guide to the Technocracy by Phil Brucato

A mixed bag in history, all in all, but one the Technocracy remembers fondly as being the time when science and reason would push away metaphors and mysteries. You can try and break your conditioning by spending a point of Willpower, and either making a temporary Willpower roll or a proper Mind Procedure. There’s some advantages to being out in space, though.

Ostensibly they control this information for the good of the Masses, turning technpcracy belief in science and making ascenssion a truth, something to be relied upon and trusted–and it’s worked.

Failings As if it wasn’t spelled out enough so far, they inform us that there’s worse things they do! Like a good old fashioned police officer, you have to hit the pavement and do the tracking yourself with the assistance of the Union’s amazing tech, of course. Iteration X These guys are ALL about technology, and believe that integrating tech into the human body is the best idea ever.

Having all the best techno-toys in the world won’t help you when a deviant decides to slip under the radar and lie low; having a big camera doesn’t help a lick when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

List of Mage: The Ascension books

The NWO’s stranglehold on media is strong, and they use the world wide web, radio transmissions, and televisions to gather a truly massive amount of information that they use to influence the Masses. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Money, credit cards, financial data, social skills, personal assistants Void Engineers: It lead into the always popular The Technocracy is possibly one of the old World of Darkness line’s best-written antagonists.


Mages violate this silent agreement. But there’s three main theories within the Union: Said technology being too complex for the layman! Be the first to ask a question about Guide to the Technocracy. We’ll go into deal with them later, but suffice to say they don’t like each other as much as they should. Which is a cool and very real history note, but in typical White Wolf fashion they call the church “ignorant of the knowledge they possessed” and spent their time advancing the paradigm of faith.

What they do with that date, on the other hand–monitoring the masses through “gattaca codes,” human cloning, genetic testing–can be a bit circumspect.

They didn’t spell it wrong! There isn’t a way to trigger such a state in people; while an agent could be the greatest chemist in the world, it doesn’t matter a lick of he doesn’t have the Inspiration. Enlightened Science Or, how the Technocrats do their Thing.

The Machine Inside Like any WoD book, it begins with a little story, this one told in the first person. A Genegineer lab would look like that scene in Alien Resurrection when Ripley finds her other clones, only probably with a lot more fangs and fur The Pharmacopoeists have mag incredibly unwieldy name to pronounce, and investigate the interaction between the human body and foreign chemicals.