: Differend: Phrases in Dispute (Theory and History of Literature) ( ): Jean-Francois Lyotard: Books. This original study examines Jean-François Lyotard’s philosophical concept of the differend and details its unexplored implications for literature. it provides a. Expressing the Inexpressible: Lyotard and the Differend Jacob M. Held Marquette University Department of Philosophy Coughlin Hall P.O. Box

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On his view, the postmodern is that which exists within the modern itself. Genres supply rules for the linking of phrases, but rather than being syntactic rules as phrase regimens are, genres direct how to concatenate through ends, goals, or stakes.

Jean-François Lyotard: “Le Différend,” Part One | Art History Unstuffed

If one desires to express the differend in an attempt to resolve an inju stice, then the first point that needs to be addressed is what exactly the diffe rend shows. Discourse and lyoard, however, are not opposed but are co-implicated: Julian Pefanis and Morgan Thomas Sydney: In this sense, postmodernism is the spirit of experimentation that drives modernism into cifferend forms; it is the disruptive lhotard that unsettles accepted rules for reception and meaning.

A change in the mode of analysis from libidinal forces to language, and 2. If one attempts to occupy the position of the victim one will always misrepresent that victim differenv one can never fully grasp the nature of th e injustice given its inexpressible nature.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Catalogue Baruchello, Galerie Le Dessin, If one takes his notion of bearing wit ness seriously, then his project is a failure. His solution on this account must be to bear witness and do nothing. Lyotard suggests science could go either way. Any situation of a phrase within a concatenation will only be one possible situation of the initial presentation of the phrase, however.

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Witnessing the injustice and brutality of French rule in Algeria apparently gave Lyotard a heightened sense of injustice and an instinct diffrrend situations which allowed unfairness to breed. That which is taken to be real and most natural is the formation of knowledge in terms understandable by capitalist economics and its modes of efficiency.

Expressing the Inexpressible: Lyotard and the Differend | Jacob Held –

Systems hide, lyltard dissimulateaffects libidinal intensities. Modern art, however, presents the fact that there is an unpresentable, while postmodern art attempts to present the unpresentable.

As in Discourse, Figureit is not that one form of the inhuman exists without the other: Yet, like Julia Kristeva —who developed in well-known articles leading to The Revolution in Poetic Language the distinction between the semiotic the libidinal disruptiveness of bodily motility and the symbolic the structured grammar whose extreme form is mathematics that together make language possible, Divferend was interested in what escapes discourse but yet needs it to exist, just as there is no pure semiotic or symbolic language for Kristeva.

Of course this proposal goes counter to much of what Lyotard says in hi s work, but ultimately it is the only viable solution to the problems he has add ressed. In ylotard libidinal philosophy, the subject is construed as one organisational structure or dispositif which channels and exploits libidinal energies.

However, this is a fact about existence, it is not something that can be e liminated.

Only phrases carry sense i. Art need not provide a political message, represent reality properly, or morally guide us.

One can make a claim within a genre of discourse that some injustice has been perpetrated; one can argue this case and have it settled within this genre of discourse according to the rules determined by this genre. Instead, Lyotard suggests that paganism is the most appropriate response to the desire for justice.

It is always possible for intensities to channel into a stable system, or to disrupt a system by destabilising it through intense investment. All this I saw wiped out. Between Judaism and Christianity, trans. Libidinal Economy is not an easy read, not least since it does not wish to set itself up lyofard merely another philosophical theory hiding its own desires, with a truth easily representable to others Libidinal Lyotard interprets these two tendencies of capitalism in terms of the theory lyotardd dissimulation.


The context, he argues, is the linguistic turn in philosophy, and his avowed method is to engage political disputes on the model of linguistic affairs Differendxiii. Lyotard insists that phrase regimens are heterogenous and incommensurable.

The method Lyotard chooses to use in his investigations is that of language games. According to Lyotard, representational theory follows this model by placing the reality that representation refers to in a transcendent realm.

Even silence is a phrase. Ruthrof, Horst, ‘Differend and Agnostics: Furthermore, in post-industrial society information has become a primary mode of production, and Lyotard is concerned that in the interests of maximising profits information will become increasingly privatised by corporations.

Marxism, Lyotard believed, failed to account for the desire that pushed those very students into the streets in the first place. Cer tainly this will exclude some, and it will engender differends.

Jean François Lyotard

Differendxi Lyotard offers a number of examples of differends: Thus one follows orders in the army, prays in church, questions in philosophy, etc. An idea that can be expressed in one discourse cannot also be expressed in a different genre of discourse.

Sheilds, Rob and Heidi Bickis eds.