Get Meade Instruments LXD75 Manual. Get all Meade Instruments manuals!. Garden product manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for Meade LXD75 Telescope User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Meade Instruments Telescope Instruction Manual LXD LXD 75 Telescope pdf manual download. Also for: Sn Meade LXD75 Installation Manual 1 page.

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Slew speed functions of the Electronic Controller are covered in this appendix. Fora close up of the refractor focuser assembly, see Fig.

Eye damage isoften painless, so there is no warning to theobserver that damage has occurred until it istoo late. Page 60 Polar mode. Don’t have an account? IOnce centered, an object can be focused by turning one of the knobs of thefocusing mechanism 8, Fig.

Rather, simply allow the telescope to sit for some maunal in the warm indoor air, so that the wet optical surfaces can dry unat- tended.

Tighten the diagonal’s thumbscrews to a firm feel to Thumbscrew secure the eyepiece. Then check the “Select Item: If the site is over 70 miles km north of the listed city, add one degree for every 70 miles.


Download free pdf for Meade LXD75 Telescope manual

Next, loosen the R. Turbulence in the air, evenon an apparently clearnight, can distort images.

Observe through the focuser and orient your body so that the telescope’s primary mirror is to your right, and the correcting plate end of the telescope tube is to your left. Note that when the Mode function is active, thetracking motor stops.

Repeat steps 5 through 8, if necessary, alternating between position A and posi- tion B, and bringing the reference object halfway of the ,anual distance to cen- ter.

Seeing conditionsvary widely from night-tonight and site-to-site.

The internal zoom optics of this eyepiecemove on smooth, precisely machined surfaces which maintain optical collimation atall zoom settings. You may need to use To determine the lati- tude of an observing site not listed on the chart, locate the city closest to your site. To calculate eyepiece power, divide the telescope’s focal length by the eyepiece’s focal length. See page 30 for more details. How does a solar system form?

Page 64 The disk of Venus appears white as Sunlight is reflected off the thick cloud cover that completely obscures any surface detail. Locate the latitude dial 28, Fig. Low power eyepieces offer a wide field of view, bright, high-contrast images, and eye relief during long observing sessions Back off the eyepiecethumbscrews 1, Fig. The image will appearupside-down, but correct left-for-right, in the eyepiece of a SchmidtNewtonian telescope, if the eyepiece extends horizontally from the tube, asdescribed in Step 3.


Date changes the date used by Autostar. Press the Scroll keys 7, Fig. The ringwill not diminish your telescope’s imaging capabilitiesand does not need to beremoved.

An excellent addition to any eyepiece set. The assembly is shipped in separate boxes. Press the Scroll Down key manuaal to display the “Sunset” option in the Event menu. Autostar will display theresults of the search. Axis Alignment Method 2 Autostar then chooses three stars from its database to align upon.

Meade LXD75 Instruction Manual

Saturn remainscentered in the eyepiece. Confirm alignment – To confirm optical alignment look down the focuser draw- tube 1, Fig. German-type equatorial mountSlew Speeds