With Arnold Moss, Luis Van Rooten. Lord Mountdrago, a leading member of the House of Lords, does not dream sweet dreams. Quite the contrary. Each night. Lord Mountdrago has 38 ratings and 4 reviews. Tom said: This was an engaging psychological thriller of a tale dealing with the intersection of the dreamw. It is called Lord Mountdrago. I would define the genre as phsychological thriller. There were three main heroes: Lord Mountdrago, his.

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Dr Audlin found that by speaking to men with that low, monotonous voice of his, by looking at them with his pale, quiet eyes, by stroking their weary mountdravo with his long firm hands, he could soothe their perturbations, resolve the conflicts that distracted them, and banish the phobias that made their lives a torment. It was a ticklish thing to do. The next day after one has these mountcrago, Griffiths pays Mountdrago a moyntdrago wink, mocking grin, or resentful look — gestures pregnant with meaning.

The paper went on to say that Lord Mountdrago had been suffering for some weeks from the effects of overwork, but had felt it impossible to absent himself while lofd foreign situation demanded kord unremitting attention. Perhaps he had done wrong in not getting into touch with Lord Mountdrago’s doctor. They and he knew each other very well. He was rather pimply. No wonder Lady Connemara had giggled; no wonder the Archduke had laughed! She disappoints them all by marrying the very rich son of a northern businessman and, as a result, slowly becomes less of a fixture of wild parties at fashionable nightclubs.

It is a comic and typical moment when he reveals this and Maugham looks on without changing expression, having never heard of him. With his low, soft, monotonous voice he soothed his tortured nerves.

That’s why he was surprised that his important patient Lord Mountdrago was late.

Lord Mountdrago

And my time is entirely at your disposal’ Dr Audlin’s voice was low and grave. Ellis gives Maugham the inside dope on What Women Want and how to get them to marry you. Another very short and relatively early story, just a few pages long.

They’re ostentatiously shabby, his collar’s never clean and his tie’s never tied properly; he looks as if he hadn’t had a bath for a month and his hands are filthy. It is called “Lord Mountdrago”.


Lord mountdrago | Books & Boots

I tried to spring out of the chair, but that horrible woman wouldn’t let me. When he asks people in his office and officials they all deny any Brits have died.

A working class woman in England marries a Chinese lodger who gives the impression he is rich and lives in a palace.

Lord Mountdrago, a leading member of the House of Lords, does not dream sweet dreams. In the distance stretched blue mountains, range upon range, as far as the eye could see. Tagged A friend in needCollected short stories volume twofictionFlotsam and jetsamFootprints in the jungleIn a strange landJaneliteratureLord mountdragoMaughamshort storiesSomerset MaughamThe alien cornThe bumThe closed shopThe colonel’s ladyThe consulThe creative impulseThe door of opportunityThe dreamThe force of circumstanceThe human elementThe man with the scarThe round dozenThe social senseThe taipanThe treasureThe vergerThe vessel of wrathVirtue.

The Human Element The younger woman had her back turned to me and at first I could see only that she had a slim and youthful figure. Long story short, he gets a loan from the bank, the shop is a success, he finds another London neighbourhood with no convenience shop and opens one, and so on, until ten years later he owns a chain of shops and is worth a mint.

It was supposed that he had had a sudden attack of faintness. Two or three nights I haven’t. This is when it happens: As a young man he had been something of an athlete and had rowed in the Oxford boat, and he was known to be one of the best shots in England.

Until Pritchard comes into the bedroom, dressed in formal housemaid uniform, serves his breakfast and lays out his clothes as if nothing had happened. But year by year as these terrible confidences were imparted to him his face grew a little greyer, its lines a little more marked, and his pale eyes more weary. His tie was black. Suddenly he gave a great start, and an exclamation once more was forced from his lips.

Retrieved from ” https: He was widely travelled, and spoke several languages fluently. But the worst deal was that a man from his dream met him next day and made hint that he knew all THE truth.


Dr Audlin opened a large book and took up his pen. People seem to believe in you. True, it varies a little from story to story, the really short ones being, of necessity, relatively pithy. Audlin is a highly successful psychoanalyst. The best way of describing his avowed attitude is a complete lack of empathy, much like the unbridgeable gap between human and frog. I asked myself if it was possible that he was dreaming the same dreams as I was.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It is essential that my judgement should be balanced and my brain clear.

He was just under six feet tall, and slim, and he wore his clothes well, and his clothes were well cut. Doctor asked his patients to be punctual people. They were but the various tones of the heat. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

The King and Queen were to be there and of course decorations were worn. He looked upon any service that was rendered him as a right due to his rank and intelligence and therefore deserving of no gratitude. The worst of it was that it impressed not only his own party, it even shook some of the sillier, more sloppy-minded members of ours.

I’ve sat up reading and when I felt drowsy put on my coat and walked till I was exhausted. The Human Element — London and Rhodes — I In Rome in the off season the narrator bumps into Humphrey Carruthers, a pompous humourless man from the Foreign Office who he is then forced to see socially a few times. In lrod final pages Anne tells him just what she thinks oord him, how he has let not just himself down but everything they believed in, art and intelligence; how she loathes and detests him and is leaving him.

I quite expect you to think it very silly and childish of me to consult you. Maugham lists his good qualities first.