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Tel 1 C1 is necessary only if main filter capacitor is more than 6. LM is specified for a 0 C to. Parasatic line resistance created by wiring connectors or parallel ballasting. Input and Output Capacitors.

Lead Temperature Soldering 10 seconds. ModelSim – How to force a struct type written in SystemVerilog?

Ripple rejection is measured with the adjustment pin bypassed with 25 mF capacitor and is therefore independent of output voltage With no load or. Tel a49 16 AF modulator in Transmitter what is the A?

LM396K Datasheet

Dec 248: Figure 5b to improve load regula. Output voltage is continuously adjustable from 1 25V to 15V Higher output voltages are possible if the maximum input-output voltage differential specification is not exceed- ed Full load current of 10A is available at all output volt- ages subject only to the maximum power limit of 70W and of course maximum junction temperature.

Direct paralleling of regulators is not normally recommend- ed because they do not share currents equally The regula- tor with the highest reference voltage will supply all the cur- rent to the load until it current limits With an 18A load for instance one regulator might be operating in current limit at 16A while the second device is only carrying 2A Power dis- sipation in the high current regulator is extremely high with attendant high junction temperatures Long term reliability cannot be guaranteed under these conditions.


R3 is selected to supply partial load current Therefore a minimum load. Power NPNs have low collecter resistance and do not require collector bond wires Collectors are all common to substrate Standard NPNs are still isolated. Using single 12V supply to deliver 12V and 5V A quick look at the curves show that heat sink resistance i.

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Quasi-paralleling may be accomplished if load regulation is not critical The connection shown in. A few words of caution 1 R3 power rating must be increased to V. Thermal resistance from junction to ambient i. How reliable is it? Dropout voltage is input-output voltage differential measured at a forced reference voltage of 1 15V with a 10A load and is a measurement of the.

Because of its extremely high power dissipation capability the. But in this case you have to have a minimum load always present until the power to the regulator is on.

Unless otherwise stated these specifications apply for T. ESD rating to be determined. The factor of 1 1 is only an approximate factor accounting for load regula.

LM Datasheet National Semiconductor pdf data sheet FREE from

Line regulation is measured on a short-pulse low-duty-cycle basis to maintain constant junction temperature Changes in output voltage due to thermal. Low line voltage AC rms. Further improvements in efficiency datasueet be obtained by using Schottky diodes or high efficiency diodes with lower forward voltage combined with larger filter capacitors to reduce rip- ple However this reduces the voltage difference between input and drive pins and may not allow sufficient voltage to fully saturate the pass transistor Special transformers are available from Signal Transformer that have a 1V tap on the output winding to provide the extra voltage for the drive pin The transformers are available as standard items for 5V ap- plications at 5A 10A and 20A Other voltages are available on special request.


Dec 242: DC regulated output voltage. R1 should be wirewound.

Because the LM is a three-terminal device it is not pos- sible to provide true remote load sensing Load regulation will be limited by the resistance of the output pin and the wire connecting the regulator to the load For the data sheet specification regulation is measured 1 4. PNP transistor not working 2.

Here are few graphs for your reference for selecting heat sink without complex calculations: To obtain output noise multiply by.

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