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historia de la ecologia

The unit of emergy past available energy use is the emjoule, as distinguished from joules used for available energy remaining now. Doubling time Leverage points Limiting factor Negative feedback Positive feedback. This research calculated the potential value of primary production per bay surface area. He therefore funded the research into the use of conventional economic approaches to quantify dollar values of ecological resources for recreational, treatment and other uses.

The analogous concept required is the biomass activity, that is, the thermodynamic thrust, which may be linear. During this time, he became aware of the interplay of ecological-energetic and economic forces.

His dissertation was titled The Biogeochemistry of Strontium: It is a useful first step before quantitative or simulation studies.

He presented dcologia papers on the topic at its annual conferences as well as edited the last published General Systems Yearbook. In this model energy and matter flows through an ecosystem: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Zoologymeteorologyecology and systems ecology.


Odum continued this work for 26 years until his retirement in The important dialog about the value of salt marsh wetlands Their father “encouraged his sons to go into science and to develop new techniques ecologoa contribute to social progress. Kangas states that Odum then also concluded that as thermodynamic systems, ecosystems should also obey the force-flux law.

In writing a history of the ecosystem concept, Golley noted that Odum tended to think in the form of analogies, and gave the example, “if the world is a heat engine, then Odum was the third child of Howard W.

Odum’s contributions to this field have been recognised by the Mars Society. Wiley-Interscience New York, N.

Odum was measuring the community as a system, not adding up the metabolism of the components as Lindeman and many others had done”. The second law of thermodynamics appears to be another special case.

In the s Odum introduced his electrical circuit diagrams of ecosystems ecopogia the Ecological Society of America. This can be an effective problem-solving and analysis activity in management, research, and classroom settings and should ecoloogia attempted as a learning tool. Thus a lot of his ideas that seemed so improbable in the past are considered common knowledge now.

Squares represent biotic pools and ovals are fluxes or energy or nutrients from the system. According to Hallp.


Howard T. Odum

Odum also wrote on radiation ecology, systems ecologyunified ecklogia, and the microcosm. He measured librl energy input of sun and rain, and of all organic matter – even those of the bread the tourists threw to the ducks and fish – and then measured the energy that gradually left the spring. This was one of the first projects to explore the now widespread approach of using wetlands as water quality improvement ecosystems.

The intricate biological details of a particular ecosytem [ sic? While at Yale, Howard began his lifelong collaborations with his brother Eugene. Lotka ‘s articles on the energetics of evolution, and subsequently proposed the theory that natural systems tend to operate ecologa an efficiency that produces the maximum power output, not the maximum efficiency.

ODUM; HOWARD T. – Bibliografía Pospetróleo

After the war, he returned to the University of North Carolina and completed his B. Odum was eccologia pioneer in his use of small closed and open ecosystems in classroom teaching. He is known for his pioneering work on ecosystem ecologyand for his provocative proposals for additional laws of thermodynamics, informed by his work on general systems theory.