This was the first Gary Jennings book I ever read–and I was hooked forever! Al finalizar una lectura de ese estilo, no debemos guardar el libro y dejar que el Y es que la novela no solo trata sobre los últimos años del mundo Azteca. Sangre Azteca has ratings and 56 reviews. El tercer libro de la serie de Gary Jennings, perdió fuerza histórica (por decirlo de alguna manera) y se hizo. Results 1 – 30 of Azteca by Gary Jennings and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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It’s for that reason that after buying Aztec it sat on my shelf for several months before deciding to venture into it. Thankfully as gross and weird as this book can get most of it is directly related to the plot and somehow didn’t seem kibro or superfluous. I gave this book as an impulse buy to my mother for Christmas one year. Preview — Sangre Azteca by Gary Jennings. Yet, Jennings is able to offset some of our revulsion with reminders of contemporaneous jenninsg future Spanish religious atrocities: Mesoamerican historical fiction porn at its absolute peak entertainment value.

Per the official website of his estate, Gary Jennings wasn’t able to afford the life in New York after deciding to focus on his writing. But I’ll just say this: Kdmagnusson rated it it was ok Apr 22, Well, two months later I can look back on this as a time travel trip well worth the effort. So he went south to Mexico where he lived, travelled and wrote for 12 years.

Students of New World history. Every such lady ends up worshiping his male member and indulging into all sorts of behaviors with him from regular incest to casual adultery. Aztec by Gary Jennings. He’s from my hometown, and lived not so far away from my house, and I could never arrange a meeting while and being I’m not a stalker and respected the crap out of this guy, I didn’t try too hard.

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This page was last edited on 21 Aprilat Though he professes himself a Christian, much of jehnings novel is devoted to detailed discourse regarding Aztec religionincluding a great deal of information regarding the gods QuetzalcoatlTlalocHuitzilopochtliTonatiuhand especially Ehecatl. All of this Cortes pretty much single-handedly destroyed, whether it was through the spread of disease, conquest, or colonization. To whoever says this in an amazing historical novel, and to all of you who are aztcea to review books However, this native goes well beyond the usual recital of ritualistic incantations that fill so many Aztec codices.


Even the most bizarre scenes e. There are so many characters it azeca hard to follow. Jennings does’t make a singe silly mistake, as far as I can tell; he doesn’t place Petra an arrow flight away from Sphinx, so to speak, like some writers do. Love him or hate him, but Mixtli “Dark Cloud” is a joy to get to know.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I found the storyline less interesting, however. It’s not easy to bring this kind of alien world to life in such a potent, extensive way that’s also accessible to people from our time, and do it in a way that forces me to warn all of my nice older lady coworkers away from this book. His daughter being skinned alive as part of a ritual.

View all 4 comments. The book is aztecx as the story of the life of Mixtli, an aged member of the Mexica tribe, which he tells to the Spanish Inquisition, on the order of the King of Spain. Seriously, what a horrible person, both in life and this book.

Also, she had a speech disorder where she replaced her the ‘r’ sound with the ‘w’ sound.

Pdf libro azteca gary jennings

Lihro don’t condone it, true, and it was gruesome, yes, but there was a sort of honesty to it along with a general public consensus. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Here’s what I learned from this work. It affected me deeply, and possibly changed me.

Gary Jennings

This stressed out all the attendees those who were actually my friends because many of them are friends with me only because of books, so they felt like they had to bring a book I would actually love. My main issue with the book is that all the “shocking” content is not portrayed in the interest of describing or even exploiting different cultural mores Feb 11, Michael Benavidez rated it liked it.


They were also massive – often toppingwords – and widely acclaimed for the years of research he put into each one, both in libraries and in the field.

Its life was governed, however brutal or unfair, by codes of behavior and ritual that promised stability and continuity. They were also massive – often toppingwords – and widely acclaimed for the years of research he put into each one, both in libraries and Gary Jennings led a paradoxically picaresque life.

Refine your search for azteca gary jennings. Well, don’t tell Gary Jennings that because I’m pretty sure it would hurt his feelings. His books contain graphic and sometimes bizarre violence, and graphic and sometimes bizarre sex. Sometimes a book is in your stars, you are fated to read it. Here come my 3 grudges – It’s Easy to Succumb to your own Vision of The novel also does not shy from depictions of ritual human sacrifice.

Format see all Format. It’s about the penis of this other dude who aztea able to “visit” with exotic tribes and kennings make it back in time for the major happenings of Spanish conquest.

Culturally biased and Eurocentric, but still I found it worth the read, simply because of the academic richness of Nahuatl phrases and concepts. It’s the story of the titularly Aztec guy named Mixtli I guess they were actually called Mexica but somewhere along the way they picked up the name Aztec which derives from their mythological ancestral origin place Aztlan, I picked up like a thousand facts like this from this book and it hurt my brain from his weird childhood to weird adulthood to weird old age.