ChildhoodThe son of outstanding Silver Age poets Anna Akhmatova and Nikolay Gumilev Lev was born in Tsarskoe Selo, near St Petersburg. Lev Gumilev, Ethnogenesis and Eurasianism. ALEXANDER SERGEEVICH TITOV. University College London. School of Slavonic and Eastern European. Putin’s passing mention of the late Russian historian Lev Gumilev and this odd word passionarnost meant little to the uninitiated; but to those.

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Today, his theory of passionarity is often criticized for its lack of verifiability.

Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere

The steppe lands and forests of the inner continent had traditionally been prone to rule by a single conquering imperial banner. The current state of Europe he described as deep inertia, or “introduction to obscuration,” to use his own term. Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links.

His idea was based on the fact that, in some moments, certain outer, mostly natural, impulses e. The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here:. Neo-Eurasianism is a Russian school of thought, popularized in Russia during the years leading up to and following the collapse of the Soviet Union, that considers Russia to be gumilevv closer to Asia than to Western Europe.

Their history did not record the progress of enlightenment and reason but rather an endless cycle of migration, conquest and genocide. That the peoples of the Eurasian steppe, including the Russians, but also the Turkic-speaking nomadic peoples of Central Asia, constitute a “super-ethnos” a notion comparable to the “civilizations” that many authors have used to describe like minded groups of nations or cultures—such as Samuel P. The passionarity of the Arabic world, on the other hand, is still high, according to him.

In the context of this view, the Russian empire was nothing but an Orthodox-Mongol empire of a sort. More gumiilev dignitaries fill the room in their costumed finery: Lev Gumilev, a Soviet historian, ethnologist and anthropologist. Gumilev linked the French and American republican statehood to Jews, with the explicit gumilevv that both of their intellectual and spiritual foundations come from the Old Testament.

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Lev Gumilyov

In fact, if it had not been the Mongols, Russia would have been completely Latinised and converted to Roman Catholicism; thus it would have disappeared entirely. In this idea was the germ of a new Russian nationalism. Opinion Show more Opinion links. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.


On the 1st of October it will be years since his birth. When I met Lukyanov in Moscow inhe reminisced over tea and cakes at the Pushkin restaurant about his friendship with Gumilev — a staunch anti-communist — and the paradox this appeared to present. Alternating between elegy, lamentation and witness, it culminates in its most famous stanza:. Shortly after his release inhe found a temporary job as a librarian in the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad.

However, when Lev finished high school he moved to Leningrad to live with his mother and her new husband. The ethnos is supposed to be a ‘biological’ entity determined by its place in the natural environment, but at the same time, inspired by a few innovative leaders, each ‘ethnos’ has its special time of intense flowering.

Sitting awkwardly on small, white, hard-backed chairs, the assembled dignitaries know they are in for three hours of gruelling oratory. He was also intensely jealous of her other husbands and lovers after the death of his father.

As the president takes the stage, the applause from the audience is rapturous and sustained. It was a word with fumilev to the New Testament and the crucifixion, that had been dreamt up by Gumilev during his 14 years in Siberian prison camps. And after the lapse of several centuries they disperse in space and time, leaving memory only in chronicles and legends. He was accused of organizing a counter-revolutionary group among the youth. According to gumipev idea, when the steppe areas shrank drastically, the nomads of Central Asia began moving to the fertile pastures of Europe or China.

Lev Gumilyov – Wikipedia

Instead he had his wife and Gerstein commit it to memory. Credits New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

Gumilyov described the current state of Europe as deep inertia, or “introduction to obscuration”, to use his own words. It was revealed to me that the human has a special impulse, called passionarity. And in Decembereveryone was watching to see if Putin, who had limped noticeably during a meeting with Israeli president Shimon Peres and who was rumoured to be in ill health, would make it through the speech.

While his colleagues railed against him, Gumilev received support from a surprising corner: Those periods when Russia has been said to conflict with the steppe peoples, Gumilev reinterpreted as the periods of consolidation of Russian power with that of steppe in order to oppose destructive influences from Catholic Europe, that posed a potential threat to integrity of the Russian ethnic group.


What distinguishes an ethnos from a jumble of languages, religions and historical experiences is a common purpose, and the willingness of members to sacrifice themselves for it. His theory was met with strident criticism from the Soviet academic establishment, which saw in his ideas a biological explanation for social phenomena, an unacceptable approach because of its links to Nazism. This page was last edited on 8 Lvat In Kazan, for example, a monument to him was opened in August Yet in the Stalinist years to come, when Lev was arrested on various charges and deported to the GULAG, she repeatedly risked her life for him.

He believed one could actually gumillev it with impressive equations and plot it on graphs. The Ethnic Community and Its Enemies: Instead of the polite, non-ideological civic patriotism of the previous two decades, Putin was gumulev chest-thumping nationalism, the martial virtues of sacrifice, discipline, loyalty and valour.

He proposed an archeological site for Samandar gimilev well as the theory of the Caspian transgression in collaboration with gu,ilev Alexander Alyoksin as one of the reasons for Khazar decline.

Though a hardline Marxist, he idolised Akhmatova. He has been championed both by Russian hardliners and by breakaway republics. He did, but almost no one was ldv attention to the most important thing in it: Instead, they wrote, it owed its heritage more to the fierce nomads and steppe tribes of Eurasia. In contrast to the official idea that Russia had saved Europe and Christianity from the Mongol hordes, Gumilev argued that it was the military prowess of the Mongols that had saved the Eastern Slavs from conquest by the West.

These days those accusations sound funny, but then, when social science was monitored by the Communist Party, it meant a sort of ostracism for a scholar. At this point he was beyond help. Journalists hope Putin will say something threatening or off-colour he frequently doesand kev will become a Twitter hashtag within seconds. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.