Although part of a mentoring series (Letters to a Young Lawyer ; Letters to a Young Chef ; etc.), this memoir is less about motivating aspiring. Letters to a Young Gymnast is written for one person but the lessons inside can apply to everyone. She has a great take on sacrifice, a word that is often used in. Of the many books I have read, Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci remains one of my favourites. As a gymnast and fan, I have a more than slightly.

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She is keen to emphasise how oblivious she was to the magnitude of the competition and her perfect scores of If there were such a thing as an “elder” stateswoman in women’s gymnastics today, Nadia Comaneci would win that title as readily as she once won gold gymnawt.

Just as she was about badia give up hope, on a fateful day she met a man at her school. Feb 27, Ram rated it it was amazing Shelves: I cannot think of one without the other. May 20, Thaynes4 rated it it was amazing. She also intersperses her narrative with her most famous gymnastic routines.

When I began my career, I just wanted to do cartwheels.

I loved my gymnastics as girl. Honestly told and reflective this is something I would recommend. Her story doesn’t end happily there, though; she has many years of hardships and misunderstandings in the U.


FloGymnastics will be covering the Elevate the Stage meets once again in Although it almost feels like she’s attacking the reader at times, Comaneci’s autobiography answers questions navia her life through the s consistently and well enough while coming across as like a cathartic release process for the author at the same time. After her defection her dreams of a happy life became a reality. Therefore individual competition may be more competitive than ever before, especially in the ultra-competitive SEC.

I really appreciated this. It was a fairly easy and quick read. Nov 24, Jessica rated it liked it. Nadia was before our time but she will forever be a figurehead in competitive gymnastics.


The writer delves into the Karolyis’ defection from the country, and later her own, describing the intense navia, uncertainty and risks associated. Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci. Dec 10, Michael Kinney. This year it will be the weekend of Januaryand gymnastics fans are counting down the days until they can see new routines and bigger upgrades from their favorite gymnasts.

But she did not mind because she wanted to be an even better gymnast. As a gymnast and fan, I have a more than slightly obsessive knowledge of gymnastics today, but the book transported me to a world that I had never experienced before; gymnastics in the late 20th century.

Nadia Comaneci stole the world’s hearts in the summer Olympic Games when she came out of nowhere to score the first ever perfect I was 11 years old in and I was entranced by the 14 year old gymnast from Romania who won 3 Olympic Gold Medals and another 2 in While I comzneci some about Nadia’s life growing up, I really had no clue what happened after her gymnastics career ended.

Nothing was ever that confusing.

Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci, is a pg. I had no idea.

Since we were a one television household, I watched a lot as well. Nadia started out in Onesti, Romania in a family that comped afford only the nessecities. If you want to be 1, and are willing and able to do the work, he is clearly your “go to” guy. I felt as though I was with Nadia through the events she described in this book.

Open Preview See a Problem? An absolutely lovely book. But the part that helped me was how to get through things and I think that, that is the message she is trying to send throughout the book. I like the way the book is written with gymnastic sequences ti chapters. Jun 09, Deyara rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 14, Heidi rated it really liked it. Olga Korbut came before her, and many other medalists would follow, but none has ever been as dominant in winning the hearts of millions around the world.


In Letters to a Young Gymnast, Comaneci writes as if she is replying to a pen pal’s questions about her life. The part that I found the most fascinating is how she stumbled upon the sport that eventually changed comaheci life. Enjoy reading this fantabulous book! Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I find it interesting, then, that in this book she discusses the errors she believes she made in that first “perfect” bar routine.

Hardcoverpages. While I attributed it to confusion, I hadn’t understood how it came about. I have never dug into the gossip or image to what was true and what wasn’t. From how to live after you’ve realized your dream, to the necessity of “a spirit forged with mettle,” Nadia’s thoughts on athleticism and sacrifice are eye-opening and surprisingly challenging.

It is interesting to see how she feels about her childhood, training, and how she was treated by her country and fans. Some day, I want to do some of the skills she did, but for now, the Comaneci salto seems impossible! Get the best gymnastics comanwci straight to your inbox.

Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci

A theme I noticed early on gymnasst the book is the author’s appreciation of the evolution of her sport. She was told to find another, cheaper gym or quit. Nadia’s description of her childhood and how it interfaced with the improbable career of Bela is amazing, a one in a million happening.