L’article indéfini (un, une, des): Il accompagne un nom, qu’il distingue des autres noms de la même espèce, mais sans lui apporter plus de précision, ou auquel. French: L’article indéfini. Exercice: Complétez les phrases suivantes par: French exercise “L’article indéfini” created by jagienka with The test builder. Les articles definis ||||| *The French definite article corresponds to “the” in English. * Masculin – Sing: (LE) le garçon = the boy; L’homme = the man; (l’ masc or.

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We must cultivate love, and avoid hate and anger. Il pense que les voitures sont l’invention indefnis diable. Fill in the blank with the correct definite article: Pierre parle aux infirmiers.

Le lundi, Tex fait son jogging. Humans, by comparison, are very small.

Articles définis et indéfinis

Cut us some wood for the campfire. Anytime the is used in English, a definite article will surely be used in French. Les blattes vivent dans les murs et se reproduisent prodigieusement.

What about Sixth street? This is the role of the definite article as we shall soon see. Listen to the following examples: I see cockroaches everywhere.


Le matin, Tammy va en cours. In English, note that in the same situation no article is placed before the noun. Plural Indefinite Articles The plural indefinite article, desis used when referring to more than a single defihis. This additional sound linking two words is called liaison. On MondaysTex goes for a jog.

Des oiseaux mangent le fruit de ces arbres. It is used when referring to a single instance that is a part of a group that consists of many entities.

Bring the plates, knives, glasses, napkins, and wine.

Compare the following sentences: I drink red wine during dinner. I like French a lot. However the definite article almost always precedes the names of countries except when it follows the prepositions en and de. Christine revient demain du Mexique. This is called elision. Articles Introduction Article Omission.

Mon ami vend des fleurs dans le metro. For example ‘ a doorknob’ is a single instance of the ‘doorknobs’ group which consists of everything that is called a doorknob.

J’aime la cuisine chinoise. Tex adore les croissants. In addition, French articles are also masculine or femininesingular or pluralaccording to iindefinis gender and number of the noun they determine.

People who were passing by saw the accident.

Every morningTammy goes to class. Compulsory liaison with a vowel or silent h. Days of the week do not require an article in instances where they do not indicate habitual recurrence.


Especially French men who wear a beret! Tammy does not like coffee. Partitive Articles A partitive article consists of the preposition de followed by a definite article du, de la. Nous jouons au basket. But love is as important for us as it is for humans. It is frequently used before a singular noun that represents something that can be divided into smaller parts like liquids, wood, food, etc. Coupez indefiis du bois pour le feu. L’ argent ne rend pas l’ homme heureux!

In some cases, however, French will use a definite articles when English uses no article at all. Monday he has a date with Tammy.

det2: determiners: definite articles

Do you know exercjces UT Tower? Well, it’s the Champs-Elysees of Austin. I go to France. See prepositions with place names for more information. Continents, countries, states, regions, and oceans usually require an article l’ Afrique, la France, le Texas, la Bourgogne, l’ Atlantique etc.