A collection of the first four issues of the popular Lenore comic book series. Lenore: Noogies is a romp into the dark, surreal world of a little dead girl. Featuring. The cute little dead girl Lenore #1 (Vol. 1), Lenore #2 (Vol. 1), Lenore #3 (Vol. 1), Lenore #4 (Vol. 1), Lenore #5 (Vol. 1), Lenore #6 (Vol. 1), Lenore. Lenore, “The Cute Little Dead Girl” is a macabre character created by Roman Dirge, inspired by the poem “Lenore” by the great Edgar Allan Poe. At first, the.

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She can also be spiteful. And while the series nails the dark humor aspect rather well I couldn’t help but feel that it was trying to be more clever that it actually was. Seuss with Neil Gaiman’s help as they hang with The Addams Family and the Oblongs while adding a stand-up comedian in for fun and gags.

Lenore: Noogies by Roman Dirge

I have a sick humor The Muffin Monster is a dark green coloured creature who made his first appearance in issue 5 at Lenore’s tea-party. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Gosh himself, times with a lawnmower, after he proposed to her.

She died of pneumonia at the beginning of the 20th century, issue 14 had more of her origin revealed. Later, Lenore and Ragamuffin are shown to have xirge a barracade around the toilet. They also continue with their hardcover graphic novels line: Despite first revealing himself to be a horrible demon monster, he then showed his real supposedly more terrifying form which is basically Pooty with a round helmet.


Gosh include the “Lawnmower Incident”, in which she ran him over repeatedly according to Mr. Parodying a nursery rhyme, Lenore dressed as a rabbit kills some field mice by whacking them with a mallet. The draw of the series was the entire childlike dark aspect of the series with promises of dark humor offered to me in a rather Pavlovian manner.

The threat was carried out in the next panel. She had planned to get the weasel, but it was “too fast”.

After being utterly taken by all of the wealth in sweets and toys her ex-stalker possessed, she weakly attempted to convince him, the very second after they walked into the castle’s vast Hall of Toysthat she was in love with him after all, and even ‘agreed’ to marry without a pre-nup.

If you want to read them may I suggest watching the animated shorts first? The comic tells of the unlife and adventures of the title character and her similarly odd if not odder friends. Pooty summons The Spam Witch and Lenore summons Herman Von Ficklefrog a frog in a bowler hatthe two appear in light blue poofs, then proceed to make out in front of Lenore, Pooty, and Ragamuffin.

foman This collection is a game changer for Lenore: A beloved Lenore character must die — forever!!! Honestly, I’m surprised I’ve lived this long, let alone still be working on my comics. Lenore smiles before she reveals a knife and brutally murders the stranger, cutting off her nose and taking it home and storing it in a jar.


Lenore: Noogies

Lenore, named after the Poe character, is a little dead girl with When I first heard of Lenore, it’d been from a friend of mine. I liked to skim and take in the disturbing images, my favorite Mr. You just cannot help but love that cute little dead girl!

The goth audience is more than likely going to love this series, but I also recommend it to anyone who loves a good indie comic! The doll, known as Ragamuffin, explains that years ago, he was a vampire. Which is why dead and macabre little Lenore is just up my ally. Esiste un mio video su Youtube in cui parlo abbastanza liberamente di Roman Dirge e dei volumi dedicati a Lenore in particolare. That final battle scene was epic.

Roman Dirge – Lenore, The Cute Little Dead Girl

Shelve The Art of Lenore. Lenore meets her neighbor, Taxidermy, who wants her to take care of his pet, Malakai. Other books in the series. I thought this was the first one but it turns out the third one.