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Read Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph Newspaper Archives, Jun 10, , p . 65 with family history and genealogy records from Colorado. 7,/83, it is “illegal to hire workers for an outsourced company, with employment .. As, p) noted, what interests a capitalist in producing an item ” is not strictly .. MARINHO, L. CNI defende lei da terceirização para proteger o trabalhador. in by the so-called law of national security (Lei de Segurarnça Nacional). This scenario changed with the enactment of Law 7, on 4 July

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In outsourcing contracts, there is a trilateral relationship, in which the outsourced company stands between the contractee and the employee, since the latter is hired indirectly. The study, initially targeted at analysing the historical evolution of the institution of outsourcing in Brazil, branched out in two very different directions.

Thus, at least in terms of Bill No. In short, the articles that were analysed covered four of the five dimensions suggested by Borges and Yamamotowith the socioeconomic dimension, and especially the aspects referring to the inter-relations of organizations with the external political environment, dealt with only on a residual basis.

This position reveals the ideology of this social class, in its 11983 to a neoliberal discourse favouring free market economics. The goal was to ensure a more holistic understanding of the process underway, aimed at the generalization of the instituting of outsourcing to each and any productive activity provided for in Bill No.

The debate has been raging over the potential impact of Bill No. Table 1 provides information relating to the progression of Bill No. We only list the more relevant briefs, without delving into those that fall outside the scope of this article.

One should stress that the different points of view in relation to the subject, which represent the varying interests of business leaders and those of workers, have permeated a reality that has been little portrayed over the last ten years or more.

What discursive formations were put into action? In addition, 19 of the 26 judges that make up the TST also signed a document against the bill.

Outsourcing and resistance to it in Brazil: Bill No. 4,/04 and the actions of collective actors

This is embodied in new forms of hiring that include part-time work, temporary work, trainee contracts, worker cooperatives, entrepreneurism” illegal work “, subcontracting and internal outsourcing. To this end, this survey had two aims: The priority attributed to ontology, associated with epistemological pluralism, is what lies at the heart of Critical Realism.


One can thus see an alignment between the positions of both entities and that of the workers. Considering the support given by the business community, and the opposition of the workers to Bill No. To achieve this proposed objective, a multidisciplinary view was adopted, and to this were added certain contributions from the field of Administration, as well as from the fields of Sociology, Economics and, above all, from Law.

The lack of clear rules on the definition of what is a core and what is a kei activity has undoubtedly contributed to dw subject becoming a judicial matter, resulting in it being treated on a jurisprudential basis.

However, the huge numbers of court df involving this issue that we have in Brazil are also the result of the repeated practice of the indirect hiring of services linked to the corporate purpose of companies, which reflects a degree of company opportunism. The contraposition of the different points of view confirms that the traditional arguments, aimed at legitimising outsourcing, lek from an increase in the legal security of workers to the generation of jobs are “fallacies” and, therefore, lacking in consistent empirical foundations ANTUNES and DRUCK, The TST is the highest labour court in the country and it has a nationwide perspective of what is going in terms of outsourcing throughout Brazil and makes legal rulings on a wide variety of different aspects.

One should perhaps highlight here a feature of the debate over outsourcing, associated with the efforts being made against Bill No. In the context of Brazil, the effects of increased production flexibility can be viewed as a process that has tended to lead to an institutionalisation of modern flexibilization and a precariousness of work DRUCK, Along the same lines, Costa looked at the suffering reported by outsourced workers, caused, among other things, by the lower wages received when compared to those received by directly employed workers, by the lack of training, by the lack of job stability and by the lack of a ,ei relationship with the company with which they maintained direct ties.

According to Caixetathe potential difficulty of demarcating the scope ed core and non-core activities could be overcome “through a legal definition of what should be considered as a core activity”. Projeto de Lei n. Critical realists agree with the terms proposed by Giddensp.

The contractor is, therefore, considered as the prime debtor responsible for any such labour obligations. When this precedent was revised, however, inits scope was extended again, to include the public sector as well. This present article considers that the institution of outsourcing is the transitory result of a dynamic process of conflict between individual and collective actors, which reflects the coexistence of trends and counter-trends.


Finally, and by way of conclusion, we reiterate the idea of outsourcing as being the partial result of a dynamic process, which is constructed socially within an environment in which distinct views and interests coexist.

Vigivel Seguranca

The bibliographic review that was carried out for this article produced a definition of a eli objective. In the case of the psychological contract, Rios and Gondim highlight, from among the results they obtained in their research, the reduced expectations of outsourced workers. Studying organizations using critical realism: In addition to the lek mentioned above, one should also mention the asymmetric representation of the lobbies on the benches of the House that represent the rights of both employers and workers, resulting, at least in part, in a real dominance by the economic-financial sector in the political arena SOUZA,and representing an effective process of colonisation of politics by the economic-financial sector.

According to Melothere are a total of 22 alternative bills aimed at regulating the institution of outsourcing making their way through the Lower House, with the main difference between them being the scope of their application, in other words, whether they include or not core activities and what their definition kei in relation to the responsibilities or liabilities of the contractees of outsourced services, i.

Finally, the trade unions suggested a degree of interference in the process on the part of the 710, as a party with an interest in Bill No. Transphenomenonality points to a stratified reality, in other words, to beyond that which is observable on an empirical level of analysis.

These are determinant in the processes of the “emergence, reproduction 77102 transformation of social structures in virtue of the actions of social actors and the reciprocal influence of these emerging structures on the social initiatives in progress”.

Outsourcing and resistance to it in Brazil: As suggested by the authors:. The activities of these different actors were assumed as being representative of the forces that express trends and countertrends and, therefore, diverging interests in relation to the subject of outsourcing.

This affects the force field structured around this bill being passed, which is based on an asymmetry that is clearly favourable to 710 business sector.