Uw digitaal legionella preventie logboek. Uitvoeren van beheersmaatregelen totaal beheersplan veiligheid. Digital log legionella. ios_mappen. Administration . Uitvoeren van beheersmaatregelen totaal beheersplan veiligheid According to the regulations it is compulsory, in relation to the legionella management plan. De legionella bacterie wordt gevaarlijk wanneer hij de kans krijgt om te vermenigvuldigen in Uitvoeren van beheersmaatregelen totaal beheersplan veiligheid.

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Marino Water Advies – Legionella and its symptoms

Navigate to top Contact. Subsequently, the cause of this infection will have to be examined through a source research. Services Legionella management plan Check valve control Digital log legionella prevention Management measures Periodic maintenance of the management plan System illustrations and piping plan Disinfection and cleaning drinking water systems Thermography Alternative desinfection techniques.

The legionella management plan is the central document for your drinking water system. How to treat the disease? De Pannekoek en De Kale B. What does the disease mean?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and interesting facts. Mapper is a software application that identifies and inspects elements of risk in various domains, such as regular maintenance, legionella prevention, fire safety, physical security, environmental permits and so on.


In this digital era, keeping a clear overview of the maintenance work of your building is becoming increasingly easier. Name E-mail Your message. This inventory will indicate which corrective and preventive measures should be undertaken. We are specialized in the draw up of legionella management plans for drinking water installations, cooling towers, aeraulics systems, swimming pools and process water systems.

Legionella and its symptoms.

Therefore, we would like to offer you a digital management plan and log. De Pannekoek en De Kale B. The basic structure of maintenance plans for regular maintenance, fire safety and environmental permits are in general the same as legionella prevention. When the laboratory notifies you that legionella is found in your drinking water system, you have legionell immediately ensure that no one gets sick of the bacterium.

The period between infection and the first symptoms is 2 to 18 days. The mild form of infection is the legionella flu sometimes behersplan Pontiac fever.

Marino Water Advies

Name E-mail Your message. From here risk information can be published centralized.

People get Legionnaires’ disease when they breathe in a mist or vapor small droplets of water in the air containing the bacteria. Belgium Diestsesteenweg Herk-de-Stad T: To set up a management plan, a risk assessment in the shape of a visual inspection of the system is necessary. Despite the strict guidelines that management plans have to encounter, reports are customized as the client desires. To simplify this, we can offer you a software application in which maintenance plans can be processed and tracked very efficiently.


Administration for you as a building manager is a growing burden.

Marino Water Advies – Digital log legionella

In addition, the legionella prevention log can be beheedsplan with extra modules. Think in this case about digitizing and automating your legionella prevention log.

One example might be from breathing in droplets sprayed from a legionellla tub that has not been properly cleaned and disinfected. Due to poor or late treatment, the patient can die.

How to act when Legionella is detected? How can you get infected? De Pannekoek en De Kale B.

However, it may take a long time before the patient is fully recovered. Our digital management plan allows you the possibility, alongside legionella prevention, to amplify with other safety systems which include fire prevention, machine safety and environmental permits.