The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is a manga book written by Akira Himekawa and published in early in Japan. This manga chronicles the adventures. This is the official manga for The Minish Cap. It is written and illustrated by Akira Himekawa, the same artist who made many of the other Zelda mangas. A clever, adorable little one-volume manga based off of the game. .. The Minish Cap is part of The Legend of Zelda series, in which Link inherits the titular.

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I don’t like having to flip right to left. The Picori introduces himself as Chiruta and takes Link to see Melari. I’ve never read a manga either although i know about Legend of Zelda- a little. I just love this book. As Link begins to fall off the surface of clouds, the magic feather Librari gave them transforms into a pair of wingsallowing Link complete freedom to move when in the sky.

He mentions that in order to obtain full potential, Vaati will need the power of the Light Force. This book is much more lighthearted than others in the series, probably because of the art style and the fact that the main character seems much younger than other Legend of Zelda protagonists because of his look and his constant bickering with Elzo. Just credit me if you use it.

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Just a cute read. Gentari informs Link that the next element is on Mount Creneland to seek a Picori known as Melari. One day, Vaati was over come with his lust minisy power, and takes a special hat Ezlo once owned that had the ability to grant wishes.

Zelda then begins to cry and upon changing his mind, the duo set off into the castle town where the celebrations take place.


Mentre seguivo il manga ho provato a leggere al contrario le frasi pronunciate dai Picori: The legend of the Picori is told as Link and his grandfather are forging a sword. Once upon a time, minis long long time ago, terrible evil sprites appeared in the world. They throw in the fae like Minish which seemingly world bending powers whom only children can see and some monsters that were just sealed away.

A strange man won ,but he didn’t want money he wanted the light force. Zellda exactly why I was so hesitant to pick this one selda Once he arrives to Ezlo’s, he begs Ezlo to take him in as his student, showering the elderly Picori with praise. It’s just so light and fun! Want to contribute for Super Smash Bros. It is written zepda illustrated by Akira Himekawathe same artist who made many of the other Zelda mangas.

After flying across the land on the back of a bird, Link arrives at Mount Crenel where he saves a Mountain Picori from a bee. To save his friend, Link needs the power of the Picori Blade, but only a certa On the day of the Picori Festival, Link and Princess Zelda go to watch the sword-fighting tournament. While exploring the different attractions, Zelda wins a lottery and chooses a shield as her zzelda which she promptly gives to Link as a gift.

Whilst being brief, this is ideal for younger readers to get into manga, whilst fans of The Legend of Zelda video games will enjoy condensing the epic quality of those games into these manga volumes. When talking to a wise man in the Picori village, Link found out that he needed to find zeelda the elements of the planet to forge the sword. Like the video game, the book has lgeend main characters, Zelda and Link. The cover of The Minish Cap manga.


This manga was released in Japan on January 27, After the elements light up and focus their powers into the sword, Link grasps it in the air and the sword projects the legend of the Hero who saved Mniish on the wall. I took this book It was the day of the picori festival and link wanted to sword fighting. Experienced manga readers may find themselves going through this book at break-neck speed, whilst newcomers may enjoy the delightful artwork, as well as the usual orienteering when reading manga for the first time.

Minister Potho takes the group to the inner courtyard of the Castle and brings Link to a wall.

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Reading The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap manga. I absolutely love this panel.

That didn’t happen in the game and I wanted it to! While Link is in this forest he runs across a strange bird hat creature that is being attacked by some Octoroks.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I think it would be nice if all the pages were coloured, so it will be graphically even better. I Picori vivono nelle Minish Woods la foresta dei Minish miniwh si dice che solo i bambini siano in grado di vederli We mostly play older games on the Wii U, I still love flying around Wuhu island on Sports Resort even though the rest of the family have moved on lol.

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