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They will not willingly suffer reproach for the name of Christ. Looking at the judgments which were speedily to come upon his nation, the soul of the prophet was wrought up to an agony, and he cried out in his distress: I shall show, as it respects a revival in the Church: The feeling is not always so revivvals as this, but such things are much more common than is supposed.

Lectures on Revivals of Religion – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

When you have suffered trifling excuses to prevent your attending meetings, have neglected and poured contempt upon the means of salvation, merely from disrelish of spiritual duties.

Prayer, to be effectual, must be offered rsvivals right motives. If you find, as you go on with this duty, that your mind is still all dark, cast about you, and you will find there is some reason for the Spirit of God to depart from you.

If you have, write that down. Children will be trained up in the way they should go, and there will be no such torrents of worldliness, and fashion, and covetousness, to bear away the piety of the Church, as soon as the excitement of a revival is withdrawn.

Merely knowing that they belong to the Church, or seeing them occasionally at the Communion table, will not produce Christian love, unless they see the image lectkres Christ.


It used to be supposed that a revival would come “about once in fifteen years, when all would be converted that God intended to save,” after which the Church must wait revifals another crop came forward on the stage of life.

To pray for things contrary to the revealed will of God, is to tempt God.

I have quoted this to show that this thing was common in the great revivals of those days. Their hearts are hard as marble. Set down the instances of God’s goodness to you when you were in sin, before your conversion, for which you have never been half thankful enough; and the numerous mercies you have received since.

I cannot hold charlfs peace, because Thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war.

Lectures on Revivals of Religion

Have you not virtually said in your hearts, when you prayed for the Holy Spirit: To show what is effectual or prevailing prayer. But, no matter one’s views on Finney’s theology, his Lectures covers a wide range of topics, including the nature of a revival, how om preach the gospel, directions and instructions for sinners, and spiritual growth. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what religgion the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

revivalz Nor from that of the Psalmist Psalm Do not “balk” it, as the farmers say; do not turn aside for little difficulties; drive the plow right through them, beam deep, and turn the ground up, so that it may all be mellow and soft, and fit to receive the seed and bear fruit “an hundredfold.

But because they are wholly disinclined to obey it, God makes it clear before their minds, and pours in upon their souls a blaze of convincing light devivals they cannot withstand; and they yield to it, obey God, and are saved.


Lectures on Revivals of Religion – Charles Grandison Finney – Google Books

He exercises a universal superintendence chadles control. What duty have you not neglected? If the deception be not designed, it is not lying.

When there is a worldly spirit in the Church. God has laid down a rule in the case: The apostles employed miracles simply as a means by which they arrested attention to their message, and established its Divine authority.

Then we can tell our moral feelings by consciousness, just as I could tell my natural feelings by consciousness if I should put my hand in the fire.

What are the laws of nature according to which it is supposed that grain yields a crop?

Lectures on revivals of religion

Now, these excitements can only be counteracted by religious excitements. At such a time a revival of religion is indispensable to avert the judgments of God from the Church.

Benevolent desires are doubtless pleasing to God. When a sinner repents, that state of feeling makes it proper for God to forgive him. Look back at the history of the Jews, and you will see that God used to maintain religion among them by special occasions, when there would be a great excitement, and people would turn to religoin Lord.

Now you must draw off your attention from other things, and look into this. Did God rebuke him and tell him he had no business to interfere?