Lebensohl over Notrump interference, Opponents’ Weak 2, Opener Reverse. George Boehm originally attributed the convention resolving opponent’s notrump . Lebensohl is a contract bridge convention used by responder after an opponent’s overcall of a one notrump (1NT) opening bid in order to compete further in the. According to Mr. Edgar Kaplan, a leading bridge personality of former times, the origin of the lebensohl convention seems to have been lost to history. In the late.

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The partner may have a minimum for his takeout doublebut gains the necessary information from his partner as to how to proceed.

Your partner again has an obvious 3 bid. Lebensohl in Balancing Seat How you respond to takeout doubles in balancing seat is up to you and your partner. Of course, you lose the conventjon to make a natural 2NT response.

Lebensohl – Wikipedia

See below for how to use Lebensohl to make a two-suited slam try. He bids directly on the 3 level to force. For several years, he was the editor of Post Mortema magazine for tournament bridge players in New York.

Redouble is penalty, showing invitational-or-better values and an interest in doubling their runout suit. Finesse Safety play Coups: The true origin of the strange appellation is therefore unknown. So, if you’re with me, there are 2 ways to cuebid and 2 ways to bid 3NT.

Lebensohl (After a 1NT opening bid)

Double with Q2 KQ If the responder bids 3 No Trump after a three level overcall, then this response can either show or deny a stopper in the suit bid by the opponent. It means you bid directly–not going through the 2NT puppet. What is lebensohl over a weak 2? This is constructive but not forcing.


This bid is not forcing, but it is constructive. Below are several suggested guidelines.

If he bids higher than 3C, it is forcing; you must bid again, even if you are very weak. But with Lebensohl, you can bid your lousy hand with confidence. After 1NT — 2 — 3 — is a Stayman and denies a stopper in X. After 1NT — 2X including 2 natural — Double — is penalty-oriented. Please include the particular feature on your convention card in order that your opponents are also aware of this feature during the bidding process, since this information must be made known to them according to the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge.

Lebensohl provides two ways of describing your values. If he has no 4-card major but does have a stopper in their suit, he’ll bid 3NT. It is artificial and shows one of the following hand types: However, Boehm does recount that in preparation for a competition in New York in latehis convention card had the entry “Lebensohl when you overcall our notrump opening”.

Origins Lebensohl was originally attributed to a successful bridge player in the 70’s named Ken Lebensold. One solution is to give up the penalty double of 2C and play double as Stayman, with all other bids “system on”. If the opponent opened a weak 2D, Lebensohl-then-4D is a slam-try with both majors.

Lebensohl Over Weak Two Bids

The same scheme can be played after the sequence: The approach is quite similar. Six Basic Concepts to Memorize. Note that with diamonds, it is possible to stop in 4 A Q-bid of 3 is Stayman and denies a heart stopper. The designation is without a capital Land is written in this manner. Suppose bridgf bidding goes.

Ken Lebensold was also a competitor at the event and upon reviewing Boehm’s convention card, “disowned the convention”. With values for game, just bid it remember Texas Transfers. Lebensohl should be lebebsohl as part of an entire response structure, rather than just the 2NT bid. This is used for a hand that’s too strong for a simple jump to game.


lebensohl Convention

Both convdntion those 3 bids should be used as Stayman. So, you have 4 things you can do in this arena once they overcall:. Better than this system is something called Transfer-lebensohl. Following is an outline of the responses available to the responder after a natural overcall in a suit. Just remember, “Slow implies, fast denies.

If opener has a club stopper, he’ll rebid 2NT with a minimum which you should pass or 3NT with a maximum. I recommend that only for experience players with strong memories. A weak signoff with a long suit that’s lower in rank than the overcalled suit Invitational values with a long suit that’s higher in rank than the overcalled suit Game values with a 4-card major and a stopper in their suit Game values with a 4-card major and no stopper in their suit Game values with no major and a stopper in their suit Game values with no major and no stopper in their suit When you play Lebensohl, you give up the use of 2NT as a natural notrump invitation.

After the opponents have opened the auction with a Weak Two bid and your partner doubles, defensive guidelines are necessary to inform your partner whether or not you, who are forced to bid, have a weak holding, a moderate holding, or a strong holding.