Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands Series Book 4) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible. She’d given up finding a true Dom when her friend finagles her a place as a trainee in an exclusive BDSM club with the powerful Shadowlands Masters. Read Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands 4) Online, Read Page 10 of Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands 4), Free Novels Online, Read Book.

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I think it would be so cool to see these people, that like to act like a family, actually having an actual party, where they just talk and hang out, instead of having screaming orgasms within close proximity of each other.

He has to be tougher than the slum-bred bullies she grew up with. shadoelands

Lists with This Book. His approving smile sent relief rushing through her.

Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands, #4) by Cherise Sinclair

I don’t why but I didn’t connect with her. Please let this guy be better. I like the fact that in this series the heroes aren’t afraid to go after what they want, they don’t resist because of some innate need to be free. Lack of fleshed out non-BDSM moments. So are shadowalnds hunky guys with commanding voices necessarily Doms? No clue, but totally worth the price.

This book was ahadowlands lot more realistic, in terms of the relationship, than the others.


Major points for creativity. How long will I last before I start it? There were no deep conversations like in the previous books. I was always wondering what type of sub would bring Cullen to his knees pun intendedand Cherise Sinclair just made lexn right between them, they are alike in some ways when it comes to family, but mostly different. All it took was a cursory glance at a days-old moment for you to realize you were wrong?

Previous Page Next Page. Every time she said kn thought, “Oh, Dios!

She should have stayed home, taken a long bubble bath shadowlans music, turned on some Enya, and enjoyed her cozy apartment. And they know how to pleasure their subs, oh they do.

Love the Masters of the Shadowlands! You will have a safeword, am I clear? And then when Cullen was brought aware of it and pointed it out to Master Asshole, he took a step back and felt bad about it.

Masters Of The Shadowlands 4: I just planned on taking a little break since there is only 1 more book left in the series and Llean wanted to delay and savour and extend my series reading experience as long as possible. Madre de Dios, I almost punched pean. I couldn’t believe she was so blind to the fact that he wanted, needed her to ask for a little help now and then, and what doing so would mean to him.

Andrew’s cross and get better acquainted. This site uses cookies. Arrogant posture, chin up.

The man—Master Marcus—wore a suit. She’s also fiercely loyal to the people she cares about, even her own family that is partially to blame for her messed up life. I wish that the make up of these two was a bit more prolonged but otherwise really enjoyed this read.


Unfortunately, she’d already walked shaddowlands the place twice, checking out the possible Doms.

Lean on Me

Did i say that the last one was my favorite in this series so far? I think I fell in love with a book character again. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! The story behind every person, a development in feelings, a more consistent ending.

What about his new trainee? The editing was definitely better than the first three. If you are even remotely interested in BDSM, this series is perfect because Cherise Sinclair does such an awesome job introducting you into the Club scene and educating you in this world. Things were done a certain way for a reason. The writing style was good and the editing clean. When you know you are a strong person but there is just something in you that knows you need to submit and be dominated.

Overall, this is one of my favorite series in the genre. It just felt tedious almost from the start. Master Cullen sees these traits as rather annoying and is pissed so he decides to push her to the brink so she will quit because he has no time for disobedient and mouthy trainees.