[PDF] + MP3 [Interpreted] + Video – Guitar solo (standard notation) – Tango * License: . About. The mother of all tangos. You know this one, even if you might not know the name of it. And if you still think that this style of dance is an exclusively. Artist: Gerardo Matos Rodríguez Song: La Cumparsita (E-mail: (Music: http:// ) [1st Part].

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Forum rules Topics archived from Public Space and its subforums after a long period of inactivity, or redundant for some other paritura. Please log in or create a free account so you can: The message from Aryeh made me review the version of anibal Arias on Youtube and I do agree there’s something special and genuine in his version. Complete sheet music 2 pages – By the way, this is my very first attempt to patitura a song on music notation.

The middle cumparsiga is done in a haunting milonga rhythm, pure genius. The volume 2 is made of Anibal Arias arrangements.


OK, I agree No, give me more info. Log in or sign up for free and participate in the Free-scores. If I’m a virtuoso, that’s great. In addition therwe is another interesting-to-watch play of this piece by 11 year old Julio Silpitruca starting at 1min.

I just wanted to inform you that this version is published: Buy sheet music books Matos, Rodriguez Gerardo Hernan. Guitar Solo ” La Cumparsita ” rynltrr. By hhj visitor22 Nov at Did enjoy Annibal’s version sounds great with the dropped D.

La Cumparsita (Matos Rodríguez, Gerardo Hernán)

Thank you very much. Is there a version published you would recommend for solo guitar? Create a quick account: I hope you play these pieces, make presentations and record many videos on youtube. Cjmparsita like La Cumparsita a lot.

Write down your comment.

Before I forget how it goes, I decided to write it down so I can practice it, and also pass it to my little grandson, so that he can someday cumparsiha to play it. Guitar solo standard notation. I know nothing about writing music following the proper rules. By jason visitor22 Feb at MP3 added the by lgdsanderson.


Hopefully with practice and the study of musical theory I will get better at it. Barrueco has published the version he recorded. Board index All times are UTC.

Add you MP3 interpretation on this page! I have cjmparsita hours searching for a good arrangement of this piece.

I am just learning to use MuseScore. Cumpaarsita Not listed Private. There’s a video on Youtube of Arias playing it live in concert but unfortunately the sound isn’t that good and he’s is not in the best technical shape compared to his early recordings – still you get an idea of this excellent arr.

David Moreno sheet music

I am in the process of rewriting and rearranging it – the essence is still there. I guess there are a lot of versions in the field. Go Pro Upload Log In.