For whatever reason korg hasn’t seen fit to put a pdf of the effects programs on the kaoss pad kp3 on their site- and no one else has it either!. Program Name. X AXIS. Y AXIS. Fx Release BPM Sync. FLt.1 LPF. LPF (Low Pass Filter). Cutoff Frequency. Resonance. FLt.2 HPF. Korg’s tactile effects processor benefits from a major overhaul – so is the third The KP3 is a little larger than its immediate predecessor and much of the KP2’s . The complete list is long: it contains numerous delays, several ‘grain shifters’.

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Wed May 30, Could anyone post a scan of the program list?

Tue May 29, Wow- are all of the looper programs for looping incoming audio, like 60 on the KP2? For whatever reason korg hasn’t seen fit to put a pdf of the effects programs on the kaoss pad kp3 on effects site- and no one else has it either! Join the HC Newsletter.


Display posts from previous: View the Media Kit. Tue May 29, 2: That is crucial info for my GAS- you can’t even get a detailerd list of programs on the KP3- much less being able to know what parameters are being controlled.

Waiting for others corrections in case of especially for the little comments.

Downloads | KAOSS PAD KP3 – MIDI Implimentation Chart / Effect Program List | KORG (USA)

Wed May 30, 6: Tue Jun 05, 8: Even the called feedbck echo doesn’t have feedback as one of its params. Fri Jun 22, 9: I can’t tell you how much time i spent googling for that info!

Only other thing I noticed was that Syn. This is gonna be one to print out! Protools LE 8 Spectrasonics: Updated and ,ist document: Wed May 30, 2: KP3 Effects List improved.

I worked hard and rewrote the KP3 Effects List document. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Pretty sure you can use them to loop sample playback too.

Could someone pst the KP3 effect program list?

I used SoftMaker Textmakera free word processing software that is ligth, works well and is equivalent to the corresponding Word plus the hability to export as pdf.


Kind of confusing, calling them loopers with the onboard sampler.

I just found this recently so we’ll be posting it to korg. I’ll give it another once-over, but that was the only thing that jumped out at me Sure I figured you could use em with samples as well.

You can download it at https: Wed May 30, 3: Could someone pst the KP3 effect program list? If someone is interested, I can provide the source document so that anyone could update it effefts fit his needs. Again, thanks for the work you put into this. I want one, how much?!