The Linux Programming Interface (published in October , No Starch Press, The author, Michael Kerrisk, is the maintainer of the Linux man-pages project. The Linux Programming Interface. 41 reviews. by Michael Kerrisk. Publisher: No Starch Press. Release Date: October ISBN: View table. The Linux Programming Interface (TLPI) is the definitive guide to the Linux and UNIX programming interface—the interface employed by nearly every.

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It’s huge, but each particular section is well split up, so they are digestible chunks. Further Details Chapter Or Flattr buttons, maybe?

See what I mean about progtamming complaints? Advanced Topics Chapter System and Process Information Chapter C Programming Language, 2nd Edition.

Posted Jan 20, 7: System and Process Information Chapter Solutions to Selected Exercises. I think this is your only legitimate complaint. Further Details Chapter How does Plan9 deal with this?

ekrrisk I sooooo needed a book like this that I even contemplated writing it myself. If you’re a student looking to get into linux systems programming or been assigned some less than high quality readingpick this up.


I bought the Kerrisk book last night and another at the same time and am sorry LWN doesn’t get a cent.

I set out to pick and choose certain chapters to read, and just skim the others, but found myself reading quite a bit more than that—which might partially explain the lateness of this review. Like, for instance, you can do with a named pipe Linux Kernel Development 3rd Edition Paperback.

That would be brilliant Anyone who has an interest in programming for Linux will likely feel the same way. This is without a doubt the best written technical oinux I’ve ever read; it’s honestly hard to kerriskk only one person wrote and organized it. What if it were holding a TCP port instead?

The Linux Programming Interface : Michael Kerrisk :

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. File Locking Chapter Showing of reviews. This is a book for system admins, network admins, hackers, teachers and professors, students high school, college, or graduatemakers, computer scientists, etc.

The Linux Programming Interface.

The Linux Programming Interface

System V Shared Memory Chapter I’m not really sure how that’d be of much help in general, though? Tracing System Calls Appendix B: Don’t have a Kindle? See all reviews.


They’re just special creatures that happen to be identified via a pathname I have a background in web development and had been programming in C for about a year when I purchased this book.

Then everything is in a predictable place in the filesystem, and you have all the HUGE advantages that they are in the same namespace you can search with existing tools.

The Linux Programming Interface 41 reviews. Directories and Links Chapter Fundamental Concepts Chapter 3: But, I’m not in favor of leaving tons of file-like tokens scattered all over the filesystem, which can’t actually be used like files for anything, and which only exist there for the sole purpose of having a unique name to identify them by Advanced Features of Shared Libraries Chapter Do you complain that you can’t “rm” listening TCP ports, too?

Thank you for your feedback.