Cheiro’s Palmistry for All has ratings and 4 reviews. Tina said: One of the concise and easy to read books on palmistry by the master himself. Recomm. Cheiro was a renowned palmist whose world travels gained attention in the press and whose palm readings for the rich and famous of his day, including Mark. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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Keo, true account of his life-unblemished by the false reports which were circulated about him to malign his name- would be written to bring justice to his name. Such subjects have periods of mental excitability which it seems impossible for them to control, and in such moments they are liable to fly off at a tangent and commit mad or rash acts, but acts generally dangerous to other people.

Open Preview See a Problem? He was also able to gain confidence of the Foreign Minister of Russia. When the deep line is found lying close to the line of Heart, the marriage will take place early in life, palmitsry the other marks I am going to explain later will give more accurate dates as to when the event will occur.

Palmistry: The Language of the Hand

In print it appears as if suddenly bends down to the mount of moon. An island over the Fate and Heart Lines indicates loss and trouble connected with affairs of the heart or brought about by the affections. These people have, however, as a rule, wonderfully kind, affectionate dispositions.

He had to overcome his extreme sensitiveness. Hands cannot change as the result of a mere effort to please as with the face. There is very little in his books pakmistry is original. Cheiro has exposed my character to me with humiliating accuracy.

Jahanzeb Khan kedo it it was amazing Jul 28, Perhaps the “whys and wherefores” of such things may one of these days be as easily explained as are those wireless waves of electricity that carry messages from land to land.

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When Cheiro, went there, he thought he knew the woman but was unable to recognize the exact time when kreo had met her. In palmisrty case the [Pg 19] subject is the slave of his imagination and generally does erratic and peculiar things or can only work in moods of the moment.

It was a huge disappointment. Curiously enough, these opposition lines from the Mount of Mars relate to the interference of members of the same sex as the subject; while, if they come from the Mount of Venus, they relate to the opposite sex of the individual on whose hand they appearPlate XV.

Cheiro, a mysterious Palmist | Horus, the Astro-Palmist

Shelley Marlow rated it it was amazing Jul 18, The straighter the Head Line is found, the subject can be more relied on to carry out his determination, and often these highly sensitive and even nervous people are found doing very determined work in connection with some battle for principle or ;almistry right which they believe it their moral duty to carry out.

The lines of the gentleman intrigued Cheiro, who saw an unusual life etched in the palm, indicative of not normal but privileged birth and an influence of an outstanding measure. He knew Prince Marco Colonna krro Italy for some time. In he planned a professional tour of America. Cheiro charged a fortune for a time that he gave to ordinary people.

There was more dismal news awaiting him in UK. You can call him imposter, charlatan but his power of observation and analysis stun us till date and definitely will continue.

For a happy marriage the lines on the Mount of [Pg 74] Mercury should be straight and clear, without breaks or irregularities of kreo kind 1, Plate XVII.

Muntazir rated it it was ok Sep 26, If, on the contrary, the Line of Fate looks better or stronger after the Influence Line has joined it, then this union will prove of advantage to the person whose hand is being examined.

Sami Jasso rated it liked it May 26, The longer the thumb, the more the power of will rules the actions; the shorter the thumb, the more brute force and obstinacy sways the nature.

Cheiro – Wikipedia

The wide space related to his loathing and unwillingness to raise family and take on additional responsibilities. He had accidently met a woman who seemed to be in tune with his aesthetic and ascetic nature. If the Line of Head is also poorly marked, or with “hairlines” from it, lalmistry is often the indication of some form of insanity which is likely to cause the subject to be placed under restraint in later life.


Where he was occasionally swept by emotions and wept. There are two major periods in life when he worked hard to improve his life situation.

But first a brief introduction of numbers and astrology. Positive for the person on whose hand this indication is found and negative for persons who have to deal with this sort of person. It will thus be seen that every point of this study bearing on character can be reasoned out from a logical standpoint. To-day, at Scotland Yard, is to be seen almost an entire library now devoted to books on this side of the subject and to the collections that the police have made, and yet, in my short time, I remember how the idea was scoffed at when Monsieur Bertillon and the French police first commenced the detection of criminals by this method.

When the Line of Head is widely separated from the Line of Life, then this chain formation of islands is still more accentuated and more difficult to cure.

On the Elementary hand the Line of Head is usually found short, straight, and coarse-looking, often nothing more than a short deep-set furrow. But what is known as the “artistic nature” may show itself only in the love of beautiful things, harmony of surroundings, and such like; whereas the people who do not possess any mark of the Sun Line, seldom even notice their surroundings and would live equally happy in the most squalid homes.

These people are not self-sacrificing, like the previous type.