Nomor 13 Tahun tentang Ketenagakerjaan, perlu. Indonesia. .. sektor tertentu yang diatur di dalam KEPMEN / dan PERMENAKER No/. f5ee22ce7-keputusan-menteri-keuangan-nomorkmktahunpdf , ea5cpppdf, , 33K. London: By Taylor & Francis Budiono, A.M Sugeng dan Pusparini A Keselamatan Keputusan Menteri Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi Republik Indonesia tahun Nomor: /Men/ tentang Waktu Kerja dan Istirahat pada Sektor Usaha Energi dan Sumber daya Mineral pada Daerah Tertentu. Jakarta.

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Index of /peraturan/2011/11

Provides for the implementation of a worker’s social security programme for free-lancing daily workers, contractual workers and workers with labour agreements for specified periods in the construction service sector. Government Regulation on disciplinary ruling of the Indonesian police members No.

Prohibits employment of young workers and women in underground mines and workplaces which endanger their health or “decency”. Sets forth regulations governing kepnen and obligations of PJK3, i. The purpose of the Act is 0203 control immigration as well as the residence as the residence and activities of foreigners in Indonesia, to create awareness of negative impacts 20003 international migration in view of national stability and security and public order. Concerns the financing of labor unions, federations and confederations.

Private recruitment and placement agencies must, inter alia, place a deposit in a bank before they can obtain a licence. In this connection, also provides for deduction from gross income of employers or enterprises. Part 5 sets forth obligation to provide public service. Regulation of the Minister of Manpower concerning the normal pension age and the maximum pension age limit for pension fund participants. Settlement of labour dismissal and ekpmen stipulation of severance pay, gratuity and compensation in companies Decree No.

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Sections apply to seafarers. Makes provision for elimination of the worst forms of child labour, such as slavery, prostitution, employment in prohibited activities, and employment under dangerous working conditions.


Provides for the establishment of a Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in order to monitor the implementation of the Convention. Part 2 regulates procedure for settling labour disputes. Made under Act Twhun. Sets forth the criteria for the registration of workers’ organizations kempen unions of workers associations. Creates the position of State Organizer and Investigating Commissions which shall have the function of investigating allegations of corruption, collusion, and nepotism by State institutions.

Decree of the Manpower Minister No. Civil servants who do not report their political activities may be dismissed. This will be carried out by modifying society’s attitude towards the appropriate age for marriage, the regulation of births through their postponement until an appropriate age for tahjn birth, and by the planning of their number and the intervals between them. Made under the Constitution and Law No.

Provides for establishment of production forest management units in order to optimize ecological, social and economic benefits. Indonesia – – Ley. Provides that employers who can not afford to pay their workers the minimum wage may apply for permission to postpone compliance with the regulation to pay minimum wages.

Makes provision for a system of dosage restriction, a radiation management safety system, and a radiation protection organisation.

Part 2 provides for responsibility of founder for funding of pension fund.

Unions shall be registered with the government. The Indonesian embassies are to evaluate the business partners and users with whom recruitment agencies place workers.

Regulates the granting of transit, visitors’ and limited-stay visas, entry permits and immigration ttahun. Aim of this system is to obtain data and information to help manage development of occupational health programmes at municipal, provincial and central levels.

Index of /peraturan//11

Part 5 regulates actuarial report and actuarial statement. Aim of subsidies is to improve quality of education in general, and to increase public’s participation in educational sector.


Divided into 17 parts. Part 2 establishes basis for direct audit. Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Stipulation of regional minimum wages for 27 provinces and regional sectoral minimum wages for 19 provinces Decree of the Minister of Manpower No. Chapter III provides for the placement of workers with disabilities.

Minister of Manpower and Transmigrastion Decree. Declares that the state shall promote the development of small and medium enterprises. Article 5 lists these as managerial, supervisory, operational positions, and jobs requiring professional qualifications with the minimum requirement of a bachelor degree plus professional education.

Presidential Decree concerning the employment of expatriates No. Di bidang pengupahan, Pasal 88 Undang Undang Nomor 13 tahun menjamin The structure of such business relationships may include the small enterprise acting as an agency, franchise, sub-contractor, or general trading partner of the larger enterprise. It is based on Law No. Makes provision for stipulation of budget for this purpose and for requirement analysis.

The positions are to receive no less than three times the locally applicable wage. Government Regulation on amendment to Government Regulation No.

Establishes a programme for the economic development of underdeveloped regions and assistance for persons to migrate to such places for employment purposes. Law on Manpower Affairs No. Stipulates that pension funds shall submit periodic actuarial reports to ensure the solvency of the fund. Comprehensive legislation on national defence.