Editions. Rabbit Redux. Paperback Rabbit Redux . John Updike · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from – arrow. Rabbit Redux has ratings and reviews. Robin said: DISCLAIMER: Rabbit, Run made me a John Updike Rabbit, Run was Updike’s anti . John Updike’s novel “Rabbit Redux” remains the most illuminating and prophetic of modern political novels, though on the surface it.

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Farrell exposed Studs’ ugliness to bring about social change, Updike tries to present Rabbit’s venal, cringing, petty hypocrisy as some sort of heroic defense of the status quo. It’s all a lot less believable than JOE. Jul 18, Michael Finocchiaro rated it really liked it Shelves: His wife, Jancie, tired of not-getting-the-peter from her husband the past decade, finds some Greek douche bag to sleep with.

The 100 best novels: No 88 – Rabbit Redux by John Updike (1971)

This is more than just Forrest Gump meandering through a picture-postcard version of history. In the first book, he sought freedom from the drudgery of domesticity. Rabbit Redux First edition. Rabbit isn’t a man you are going to love.

Rabbit Redux

Stavros will eventually try to persuade Janice to return to her husband. Rabbit returns older, wiser, angrier, and a puzzled participant in American life, so different from the man first introduced in Feb 02, Rose rated it really liked it.

Aug 13, Carol Storm rated it did not like it. I admire Updike’s willingness to go beyond what he knew, to risk seeming foolish, especially since his competence in high-church domestic realism was so formidable that he’d have been celebrated if he’d written nothing else. Does it have some meaning, like the repetition of the phrase “So it goes” in Slaughterhouse-Five? I have procured that book and it will probably help me to appreciate Rabbit Redux more.

It’s rabbih accident that this all ends in fire — and tragedy.

If life is a novel, death is an editor. Rabbit is abandoned by his family, his home invaded by a runaway and a radical, his past reduced to a ru BABT http: As Harry backs the Mustang around in the strait intersection, the young black waits by a bank of brown weed stalks. Janice has walked out. We may yet find something to learn, or at least to wonder at, in those twentieth-century writers who exposed how complicated and dedux and dangerous sex could be.


He is particularly adept at pausing his manic narrative to burrow into the meaning of a single look or seemingly innocent comment, and these extended, well-observed riffs do just enough to humanize the crowded cast.

Rabbit Redux – Wikipedia

His archive of manuscripts, papers and letters is held in the Houghton Library at Harvard University. When she dies at the end evidently it’s proof that race mixing is a mistake, not that Rabbit is weak and has the guts of well, a rabbit.

You don’t have to like Joe, but you do have to take him seriously. He died of lung cancer at age However, a bravura early scene in which Angstrom and Stavros debate the war in Vietnam exposes this as a caricature. This facility udike also been held against him. Reviewers found fault with Rabbit Reduxas well, Updike confesses in his introduction to the Rabbit Angstrom omnibus.

Fast forward about a month and I was walking around SoHo on a particularly beautiful day. He allows an angry young black radical to invade his home, lecture him at tedious length on racism in America, and exploit the rich white hippie chick Rabbit has recently “adopted” as a sexual plaything. It’s true that there are a lot of dumb Janiceweak Jill, Peggy women in this series.

Let me give you just one random example: The cervine surveillance is a witty statement about the aforementioned human cluelessness. Aside from Skeeter maybe or Nelson, this book lacks heroes of either gender. I’m probably less certain that I will finish with the tetrarchy having read the second installment sorry, Steve! Though, not too sly, since everyone seems to know about it, including Rabbit’s sickly mother who never leaves the house.

Beauty and the Arc of Terror: Rabbit Redux Reconsidered – The Millions

Too much of it puts an unfair weight on any novel, particularly a quiet and poetically-written debut. Preview — Rabbit Redux by John Updike. Updike compels us to keep turning the page. View all 16 comments. The Millions’ future depends on your support. She might be one of my favourite Updike characters. Indeed, it is hard to say whether the cartoonist or the terrorist is less invested in his respective task.


Fortunately, his eabbit isn’t over, an act of pure generosity on the part of the late, great John Updike. Harry and Janice confront their broken marriage and their reluctance to fix it. In classical comedy, a final-act wedding puts an end to the misunderstandings and conflicts that propel the plot; here, Clarke dangles the updikee of a concluding ceremony even as it become increasingly clear that a more violent resolution is inevitable.

Basically — I think the Skeeter-Jill-Rabbit-Nelson middle section is more problematic in a good way than it might seem.

Rabbit, the American patriot, who flies an American Flag decal on his Ford Falcon, wonders why blacks are always so loud on the bus, and a staunch supporter of the war in Vietnam, suddenly begins to find his beliefs turned upside down.

In the meantime, Updike’s revealing way with landscape and place as signifiers of psychic energy, his gift of making the unlikeliest characters, not merely persuasive, but companionable, add up to a book that you’re eager to pick up every day, and sorry to see come to an end, even as the moral passivity and confusion he reveals in these people leaves you nearly breathless.

If however, you can resist that feeling, you will instead turn each page wondering, hoping, Harry will feel something. Does anyone remember JOE? Anatole Broyard praised Rabbit Redux for its bravery, his own backgroundthen concealed, lending savor to his judgment: So then Joe, the blue collar guy, and the rich executive, go looking for the daughter, who’s just run away.

After his wife Janice leaves him to move in with Charlie Stavros, a car salesman at her father’s car lot, Rabbit is adrift. The day whines at the windows, a September brightness empty of a future: