John Romaniello’s Superhero workout. Hi everyone, Just curious if anyone has tried or took a look at John Romaniello’s Superhero workout yet. Build a Super Hero Body with trainer John Romaniello! The super hero workout builds the perfect physique; broad shoulders with a thin waist, streamlined with. A complete review of John Romaniello and Matt McGorry’s “The Super Hero Workout”. Find out why this muscle program rates a less than.

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July 19, at 3: No matter what he’s always been there and kept us safe from harm.

I just have a quick question, I tried to look everywhere for the nutrition plan that goes with the program. Nevertheless I think this workout program would be great to bring out the superhero in all of us July 19, at This is not vengeance. November 22, at August 30, at 8: Something be said about not relying on fantasy powers; though Batman’s lifestyle is complete fantasy as well, but closer to reality than hoping to one day turn into the Hulk or Spiderman.

I can see superhero workour all over them. And it wasnt like she had to carry a gun all the time.

My Review of “The Super Hero Workout”

Spiderman is probably the most relatable of all characters, because he always seems completely human in his decisions. Really appreciate the support on romanielko purchase; means a lot to me.

For instance, a set of 14 reps on each exercise followed by 45 seconds rest. Workojt Wallace Hi Roman, What a great and honest review.

He does things his own way, rules are more or less guidelines to him. His Final Phase Fat Loss 2. I am tired of programs that simply don’t live up to the hype. Plus, like any true SuperHero, he disguises himself very well. Hands down the most workput and most discerning of the super heroes.


In addition being able to kick ass and take names, we want to look like we can kick ass and take names. She demanded respect from the moment you saw her walk, her talk, her no nonsense approach Do you feel the program will provide adequate conditioning for someone looking to get lean? After A4, rest second and repeat. Raphael My superhero is my dad. When I am lacking energy or feel too tired to go to the gym I take Navy Seal Formula which makes me quickly recharged. Below is a sample schedule for a person who trains in the morning and uses the intermittent fasting approach.

romanielo Not the Fox wolverine origin Balls up! Sean’s review was spot on and I did get Roman to clarify one part via email – which I should mention he did right away One thing I could add to Sean’s review is that Roman has excellent customer service. Despite all gadgets he use, he is very ronaniello shape, he’s very intelligent and of curse wealthy: July 26, at 7: Man that’s a tough one.

Hopefully, this Super Hero Workout program is our path to that transformation! Dude has to deal with real world problems while living with the guilt of the death of Uncle Ben.

A real shame as I could only afford the main program, so will have to use a different diet protocul. David Superman July 19, at 6: Marcus Definitely Iron Man, cuz hes just a “regular” guy with no cool abilities or anything like that.


Jess I looooove She-Hulk.

The Super Hero Workout Review – Super Hero Workout 2. 0 by John Romaniello

He never surrenders and he fights for the right reasons. Justin i would say wolverine, the guy self heals at an incredible romanielo and has a metallic skeleton, pretty awesome. Smart, suave, and built. That’s the kind of results I want out of my workout program. Josh Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats! Talk about someone that built his body, the old fashion way, by fighting, and conquering!

And we think society is finally ready to appreciate you for being able to do that. Dale My favorite superhero is Batman. Trip Davis Mine is iron man from comics to the new movie’s. Josh Grant With a great workout comes great sexibility.

How to Get Strong, Fast, and Ripped: The Superhero Workout

As fathers go, he was invincible. NO superpower at all. August 2, at 3: I have 3 more circuits to go, then I want to start building more muscle.

March 15, at 4: You deliver countless blows… as you pummel them into giving the whereabouts of the explosives. You can read his articles here, and rants on Facebook. AJ How about Catwoman? I’m currently on CB’s Meathead program but you could steal me with this one.