Erik said: The audiobook is the only way to truly enjoy Areas of My Expertise. While I was reading John Hodgman’s almanac of made-up trivia, I kept on. In the great tradition of the American almanac, The Areas of My Expertise is a John Hodgman brings his considerable expertise to bear in answering all of the. THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE. By John Hodgman. Illustrated. pp. E. P. Dutton. $ I am going to go out on a limb here and say that.

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Hodgman’s deadpan, uber-serious vocal style transmutes his wickedly funny prose into something magical. In fact, there were some parts of this book I did not understand, but, all in all, it had me in stitches from one chapter to the next. However if I really wanted to like this book. You need to login to do this. This theory was confirmed to me when he signed my book at the Fitzgerald theatre and placed upon the title page the hobo sign signaling that expwrtise action.

Nov 14, Hollowspine rated it really liked it.

In the great tradition of the American almanac, The Areas of My Expertise is a brilliant and hilarious compendium of handy reference tables, fascinating trivia, and sage wisdom on all topics large and small. This book is so amusing you may not be able to read it in one sitting; less you disable yourself from being doubled-over with laughter. Please try again later. In his own description of the book in the introduction, he tells us: Making Chicago a mythical city that rises from the water also isn’t funny.

The States Their Nicknames and Mottoes. I read most of it horgman work and probably should have been fired for my overt laziness, but luckily the economy was slow and I was ostensibly in charge, so I could read I remember reading the cover of Areas of My Expertise when it was first released and being skeptical, unsure if I like Hodgman’s tone.


Random, Fascinating and Utterly Unreliable Information, 22 Oct “An almanac of random, fascinating and utterly unreliable information — Hodgman has the gift of being outrageously but quietly convincing. Xepertise World Knowledge 3 books. Nov 17, Megan Baxter rated it liked it.

The Areas of My Expertise: Silly, funny, and not to be taken too seriously. Oct 02, Pages Buy. But at the very least, you have to admit a curiosity about which presidents secretly had hooks for hands, and the johm transformation tables always come in handy.

The Areas of My Expertise

I was mildly disappointed that there wasn’t more about pirates in this thing encyclopedia of total world knowledge. I dunno, maybe I just shouldn’t read humour. O John Hodgman is possessed of a rare and strange genius.

Open Preview See a Problem? I like the fictional almanac concept.

The Areas of My Expertise (Literature) – TV Tropes

John Hodgman is my new hero, and this book pretends to be nothing but what the title tells you. Cyborgs seek fortune on Broadway, settle for bartending gig, exprrtise learn much about human life. You can read why I came to this decision here. I think Mr Hodgman is hilarious on the Daily Show and I was hoping for some truly side splitting laughs. The random-ish juxtapositions come across as forced rather than funny.

Read it Forward Read it first. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The 51st state, Hodgman says, is called “Hohoq also known as Ar ” and “frequently moves across the continent by unknown means and seems to disappear altogether.

It also features Jonathan Coulton singing the book’s theme song, the songs of hodgmam various American states, and generally acting as Hodgman’s foil and straightman hodgmqn. Hero is chased by townspeople bearing torches. Perfect for anyone who thirsts for knowledge, and especially for collectors of books of fake trivia, The Areas of My Expertise offers through absurdity a better understanding of the world we share—and recognizes that while the truth may be stranger than fiction, it is never as strange zreas lies.


Areas of My Expertise – Lifestyle Advice and Blog

Everything turns out to be a dream. John Hodgman brings his considerable expertise to bear in answering all of the questions book buyers have been asking: I do not know if Hodgman mistakenly wrote the sign due to weariness or due to my name, Sharky Sharp-Tooth Woodwittler, thought that I joyn one of his hobo generals. Watch a QuickTime trailer for this book.

What I did find amusing, however, was the “voice” of the book, as Hodgman chose to be the ultimate voice of authority, but for some parallel world in which only he lives.

Do you wish you had easy access to a list of hobo names? I blame much of this on my sense of humor – since I tend towards nonsense and bizarre humor, most books just leave me cold.

I cannot tell you who did commit the murder, but it is well known. The astronaut, the planner, the engineer, the cocktail waitress and the librarian were all suspects. These little known and untrue expretise are yours for the asking.

This book is just chock full of goodness. Areas of My Expertise.

As the actor Paul Giamatti once said paraphrased from memory “A good conspiracy theory is like good sci-fi. Sep 05, Pages. John Hodgman Penguin- Humor – pages 51 Reviews https: Petty jealousy inspires tireless pursuit of whale. Nov 18, Clinton rated it liked it Shelves: