Formulary for a New Urbanism was composed by Ivan Chtcheglov under the pseudonym Gilles Ivain when he was 19 years old. It was an internal document. I intend to find out more of Ivan Chtcheglov — or Gilles Ivain, but these are my favourite bits from ‘Formulary for a New Urbanism’ from the. Formulary for a New Urbanism Guy Debord to Ivan Chtcheglov April Guy Debord to Ivan Chtcheglov, 30 April Guy Debord to Ivan Chtcheglov.

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For him cultural experience in the city has stagnated, the only artistic intervention, the only entertainment so to speak, seems to be the array of advertisements iavn line the streets. In contrast the lyrics of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division aim to engage with the struggle of working life. The economic obstacles are only apparent.

Mounted on tracks, it can go down dormulary the sea in the morning and nea to the forest in the evening. Unlike most clubs it broke down hierarchy and brought people together. In a few years it would become the intellectual capital of the world and would be universally recognized as such.

We move within a closed landscape whose landmarks constantly draw us toward the past. The facade of the Hacienda was circular rather than straight edged, Victorian red brick rather than whitewashed concrete.

The Sinister Quarter, for example, would be a good replacement for urbanidm ill-reputed neighborhoods full of sordid dives and unsavory characters that many peoples once possessed in their capitals: Other examples of this desire to construct situations can be found in the past.

Ivan Chtcheglov

No playing in the labyrinth. Past collectivities offered the masses an absolute truth and incontrovertible mythical exemplars. Or the paintings of Claude Lorrain.


And an Astrolarium which would group plant species in accordance with the relations they manifest with the stellar rhythm, a planetary garden along chtcheblov lines the astronomer Thomas wants to establish at Laaer Berg in Vienna. Pure plasticity, inanimate and storyless, soothes the eye. Guy Debord and the Situationist International: Part of this development saw increasing use of ideas and terminology by some psychogeographers from Fortean and occult areas like earth mysteries, ley lines, and chaos magic, a course pioneered by Sinclair.

Its sliding walls enable vegetation to invade life. In October the Lettrist International adopted this report by Gilles Ivain on urbanism, which constituted a decisive element of the new direction then being taken by the experimental avant-garde.

We now know that this endeavor followed the old normal evolution, arriving in record time at a rigidification of its doctrines and at forms that have become chhcheglov in their decadence. The hacienda must be built. Sinclair drew on this tradition combined with his own explorations as a way of criticizing modern developments of urban space in such key texts as Lights Out for the Territory.

Revolution in the Service of Poetry.

Ivan Chtcheglov

A city design he argues that has no other purpose than a commercial one and thus ignores the ivann of culture and play for the populace. Its sliding walls enable vegetation to invade life. The reason is clear: As an architectural space the club would quite literally capture local sub-culture, re-format it, and play it to back to ecstatic crowds.

We can have nothing but contempt for a century that relegates such blueprints to its so-called museums. Magazines and bands took to black music. A chronological process based on the order of appearance of observed topics, with the time delayed inclusion of other relevant instances.

Yet in the context of nightclub typology the Hacienda unconsciously or consciously appropriated this style with a very different aim. This need for total creation has always been intimately associated with the need to play with architecture, time and space. Everyone wavers between the emotionally still-alive past and the already dead future.


Formulary for a New Urbanism (Ivan Chtcheglov)

London ; New York: Night and summer are losing their charm and dawn is disappearing. Certain shifting angles, urbznism receding perspectives, allow us to glimpse original conceptions of space, but this vision remains fragmentary.

The changing of landscapes from one hour to the next will result in total disorientation. The poetry of the billboards lasted twenty years.

Mounted on tracks, it can go down to the sea in the morning and return to the forest in the evening. While you might expect this to result in a long nostalgic anecdote of the clubs heyday, the character and balance between sources means plenty of the low points as well as moments of amnesia are present.

Formulary for a New Urbanism

Every game takes place within the boundaries of its own spatial domain. This city could be envisaged in the form of an arbitrary assemblage of castles, grottos, lakes, etc. And you, forgotten, your memories ravaged by all the consternations of two hemispheres, stranded in the Red Cellars of Pali-Kao, without music and without geography, no longer setting out for the hacienda where the roots think of the child and where the wine is finished off with fables from an old almanac.

In order to achieve this Chtcheglov offers a formula for urban regeneration in the strictest sense.