You could start adding new entries, but for this example you’ll get the bookmarks from the existing documents. These bookmarks will work correctly for the first. I’ve made a MergeWithOutlines example that concatenates three existing PDFs using PdfCopy (I assume that you already know that part). While doing so, I. I have an existing PDF document which does not contain any bookmarks. I am currently using PdfStamper to manipulate the PDF and insert text.

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Here you use a similar object to extract the bookmarks from an existing PDF: I am not a Java programmer and am really struggling to understand how this works and how to make changes to it. The parameter has the same meaning as described in table 7. In topic 2, you created bookmarks automatically by using topic and Section objects.

iText – HELP Adding bookmarks to Existing PDF using PdfStamper ?

Add path to the file to open or execute; this entry occurs in combination with GoToR and Launch actions. You can use table 7. I need to merge them and have to build nested bookmarks for the resulting PDFs like so:. The following URL opens the documentation about open actions on page 5 using a magnifying factor that ensures that the complete page fits within the viewer window:. Go to original post.


Sets the zoom and scroll factors. I need to merge them and have to build nested bookmarks for the resulting PDFs like so: I boikmarks I am not adding my own ‘custom’ bookmarks to the list of existing bookmarks correctly.

To see what a bookmark object looks like to CF, dump the “bookmarks” variable right after the isDefined statement:. I have copied code I ecisting on cfsearching for concatenating pdfs and including any existing bookmarks http: You can retrieve this coordinate with the getVerticalPosition method.

Email Required, but never shown. The PdfOutline class offers much more functionality, and you can use it to create bookmarks for existing documents. And that this would be a better method than trying to use iText directly via CF? It will point to the first page of the first document in the concatenated PDF. I keep getting the message ‘ java.

I did briefly attempt that in one of my many attempts to get this to work, but didn’t have success there either, so did not pursue that further. To see what a bookmark object looks like to CF, dump the “bookmarks” variable exieting after the isDefined statement: In this code sample, we concatenate bookmarks, but in listing 6.

The URL that will be opened if the end user clicks the bookmark. The result was nice, but you can do better if you create the outline using PdfOutline objects. Both documents have bookmarks, and you want these bookmarks to be merged as shown in figure 7. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Bruno, if you have a lot of pdf files that you are concatenating like this, is existinng something similar to pdfWriter. Color values for red, green, and blue ranging from 0 to 1, defining the color of the title. A list with the Map s of the sublevel entries of this bookmark.

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I can certainly do some reading up on how to use DDX. You can get this with the get-RootOutline method O. Following is the code I have modified.

A scale value of gives percent zoom; left and top are set in a coordinate system where the tp is the top left of the visible page, regardless of the document rotation. The root tag is always named Bookmark.

All other key-value pairs are attributes of the Title tag. Please enter a title.