[r]: / trunk / IOmeter / Docs / Maximize Restore History. is not known to be viewable in your browser. Try to display it anyway or. Iometer – IO Benchmark and Troubleshooting Tool If you want to download the manual, pop some popcorn and kick off your finest Mozart. Beginner’s Guide to iometer. For now, read the manual. “Iometer is an I/O subsystem measurement and characterization tool for single and.

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Note that it is “normal” for Iometer to mysteriously open a command prompt window. By default IOmeter will create the test file if not found. Please run it in order to create iobw. Hi, How do you use the TestFileCreator software? Please make your settings very carefully and make sure all workers use the same test configuration!

The simplest case is to use Iometer on the Windows host that has the disks to test. It will prompt for a filename to save the results in. Ernie January 27, 01 Waiting a while is even more important when benchmarking a solid state drive SSD.

When you configure your workers and start the test, you may get iometre error dialog like this. In the example below, my Windows host is maroon, and the Linux host under test is crimson.

Click the “Save Test Configuration File” button to save your set up for future runs. If you create a large.

Iometer project – Documents

This would return a large number that might not necessarily represent real world more random type access. Anybody has seen this issue on their end? Tell the disk worker to use an “Access Specification” test pattern.


In order to create a support ticket, please go to your Open-E account here: Figure out first where you want to put iometer. In Novembera project was registered at SourceForge.

A Few practical tips about IOmeter | Open-E Blog

You really need to read the user manual first. I successfully did this on 32 bit CentOS 5.

The only difference now is that you’ll see a Dynamo manager and worker s on the Linux host, in addition to a manager on the Windows host running Iometer. You can get past this by running the benchmark for a few hours, at least 8 hours or overnight. Delete them all but one with the “Disconnect Selected Worker” button on the top bar. It was originally developed by the Jometer Corporation and announced at the Intel Developers Forum IDF on February 17, – since then it got wide spread within the industry.

Iometer has 2 basic pieces, Iometer and Dynamo. Don’t pay any attention to the numbers until it runs for a while, a half hour or longer. The basic idea here is to set up one “disk worker” the way you want it, and then clone that worker a number of times.

The IOmeter tool is a separate software manal there is no option to use the Iomete command, since it is not included in manial product. An explanation of how to do this is available in our knowledgebase: When you’re ready, start the test by clicking the “Start Tests” button. We have a small update that can provide some performance on Reads and Writes for Units that have not been formatted — email me at pre-sales open-com and I will provide this for you also for mankal NICs as well you will need another DSS V6 to perform this.


With un-partitioned disks you can start the test at once, but to run with formatted disks you need a test file.

I just flat turned all firewalls off, iimeter the host firewall on my Linux host I used ‘service iptables stop’ as well as the host firewall on Windows. For now, read the manual. The test file must be placed in the root directory and named: So if a Linux host has the disks you want to test, you’ll have to have 2 hosts, one Windows host to run the Iometer GUI on, and the Linux host s to test the disks on.

Contents 1 Beginner’s Guide to iometer 1. Yin July 20, ipmeter Of course the initial numbers are what the manufacturer puts in the specs and on the box. In Open-E JovianDSS msnual turn, the read results may take a while, even up to a few hours in some cases, before read cache learns the data. I downloaded the binary Linux tarball in opt and unpacked it. Use with care and use consistently. You can configure and run tests on the remote Linux host just as you did above on the local Windows host.

Being human, most of us hate to read the manual and with IOmeter this can lead to problems.


The Dynamo executable on your Linux host under test is going to be commanded by, and report numbers to, the Windows host running Iometer across the network. Can any one tell me how to configure?

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