Deutschland hat das Investmentgesetz am Dezember verändert, um es zur OGAW IV-Richtlinie (Richtlinie /65/EC) gemäß zu machen. Eingeführt. the Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz), the Securities Trading Act ( Wertpapierhandelsgesetz), the Investment Act (Investmentgesetz) (replaced. Investmentgesetz – Kommentar mit Bezügen zum Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch. Norman Mayr, LL.M. §§ InvG. in: Emde/Dornseifer/Dreibus/Hölscher, .

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Amendments introduced by the High Frequency Trading Act are marked in bold and italics. Section 24 Exchange price j.

II Germany implements the UCITS IV directive | Sectorial Analysis | the Journal of Regulation

Section 3 False or misleading signals or artificial price levels 6. Also, the Directive, and its German application, clearly identifies information as the cornerstone for market fluidity, which is the very instrument exchanged on financial markets. It may issue orders to exchanges, stock exchange operators and trading participants as may be necessary and appropriate for investmentyesetz infringements of investmentgrsetz law rules and regulations or rectifying irregularities which could pose a threat to the orderly conduct of trading on an exchange, the settlement of exchange transactions or the supervision thereof.

Furthermore, it must ensure the documentation 20010 every modification of any computer algorithm used for trading purposes. The Exchange Supervisory Authority may require the information and documents to be transmitted on data carriers that can be processed automatically.

Investmentgesetz 2010 pdf

Second, the new law provides a lighter framework for micro finance funds, relieving them from the previously existing obligation to be established in Invedtmentgesetz. Section 31f Operation of a multilateral trading facility e.

In particular, the Supervisory Authority may demand a description of the algorithmic trading strategies, details of trading parameters and trading limits to which the system is subject, the most important procedures for assessing risks and for complying with the provisions of section 33, and the particulars of its systems testing. An investment services enterprise that investmsntgesetz algorithmic trading must also have in place effective business continuity arrangements to deal with unforeseen failures of its 200 systems and must ensure that its systems are fully tested and properly monitored.


Strukturelles Unglck und mentales Leid in der Schweiz.

Investmentgesetz pdf

Germany went a step further in the clarification of the legal framework for investment funds by including both UCITS and non-UCITS funds, thus standardizing the legal requirements for any kind of investment funds, thereby avoiding a formal boundary separating funds that can be very similar in terms of the interests involved. Suitable precautionary measures within the meaning of sentence 1 shall include, in particular, short-term changes to the market model and temporary circuit breakers to reduce volatility, taking into consideration the static and dynamic price ranges or limit systems of trading participants tasked with price determination.

Section 32c Execution of client orders by systematic internalisers f.

If there is evidence to justify the assumption that exchange law rules or regulations are being infringed or other irregularities have occurred which could pose a threat to the orderly conduct of trading on an exchange or the settlement of exchange transactions, the Exchange Supervisory Authority may, to the extent necessary to perform its functions, demand information and documents as well as copies thereof from anyone, and may subpoena and question individuals.

Section 1 Definition of terms b. Determination of the minimum tick size pursuant to sentence 1 shall pay particular attention to ensuring that the minimum tick size does not undermine the price discovery mechanism or investmentgesets objective of an appropriate order-to-trade ratio within the meaning investmentgeestz section 26a.

Database on German and European Economic Law

In order to improve the efficiency of the European market, the UCITS IV directive and the German law also facilitate cross-border fund management, and enable cross-border master-feeder structures — 20010 are a form of asset pooling. A confirmation email has been sent.

This law introduces three main changes, in taxation, in the framework of micro finance funds and investmentgssetz the supervisory regime for investments. Categories Breaking news Contributions Events. Section 16 Stock exchange rules and regulations f. Section 33 Organisational requirements 4. The original German text is binding in all respects. Context and Summary The European Directive on investment funds undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities — known as UCITS IV aims at increasing the efficiency of the investment funds business as well as creating a competitive framework at the European level for such activities.


Section 26a Order-to-trade ratio k.

The order-to-trade ratio shall be determined for each financial instrument on the basis of the numerical volume of the respective orders and transactions over the period of one month. Article 2 Amendments to the Banking Act Kreditwesengesetz a. Section 19 Admission to the exchange h. For an enterprise that is not domiciled in Germany and that is not infestmentgesetz enterprise within the meaning of section 53b 1 sentences 1 and 2, sentence 1 shall apply with the proviso that a complete application for authorisation must be submitted by 14 February The taxation system will have to be modified as a result of the main changes introduced by the new law, so investmeentgesetz investment funds can investkentgesetz classified as foreign or domestic — to provide them with a clear taxation framework.

Also, the cooperation between supervisory authorities is going to be enhanced by the facilitation of automatic cross-border exchange of information between authorities on the marketing of fund units.

Section 2a Exceptions c. The reference to section 33 1 of the Securities Trading Act is now included in section 28 1 sentence 3 of the Investment Code.

The German investment law will thus be modified in accordance with the directive. Subject to the requirements of sentence 1, conditions investemntgesetz be subsequently imposed, or existing conditions may be retrospectively amended. Article 7 Entry into force. Section 1 Definition of terms 7. Admission to the exchange may also be suspended for the duration of any default on payment of the investmenttgesetz prescribed under section 17 1 nos. Section 26b Minimum tick size 2.