Interplater hd85 thermal pdf. Thermal analysis and design enae d principles of space systems design u n i v e r s i t y o f maryland nonideal radiative. Service Manual + 68/85 Plate Processor InterPlater 85/ HD Polymer Service manual Plate Processor+ 68/85 .. Cleaning of developer heating element. Thermal Plate Processor Raptor 85/ Interplater HD 85 G&J used/refurbished. Glunz Jensen Interplater Plate Processor Model Perfect Condition.

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Off replenishment The replenishment system also features an “off replenishment” function which adds an amount of developer into the developer bath when the processor is turned on after being off for a long period.

Touch screen control panel MMI A graphical user interface colour display. Before operating the processor you may need to perform a rewiring to match your local supply voltage. The rollers 12 at the developer tank exit squeeze any residual chemicals off the plate. Transport security items During transportation many of the parts hdd85 and inside the processor have been secured using tape, plastic, strips, and various pieces of sponge rubber.

InterPlater 85/135 HD Service Manual

B9″ to gum replenishment container 2. These constitute a health hazard and could damage the processor. The basis of any gaseous or liquid waste incineration system is a thermal oxidizer. The electrical diagrams are located in Appendix A. See the packing list s delivered with the equipment for further information. Do not let is slip down behind the rear panel.



Products | Glunz & Jensen

Batteries No batteries in this equipment. Reinstall in reverse order, observing that the outlet nozzle 5 of the cover is placed as it was before dismounting it, and that the O-ring 2 is placed correctly in the groove of the impeller housing 1.

Software user settings A few adjustments of user program parameters are also needed before the installation is finished. Temperatures 68 85 Developer min. Cable for connection to a stacker is placed underneath the dryer section. The processor sections are described in detail on the following pages. The cables are marked with name tags for each sensor. Some of the printer parts are listed in the cross reference list later in this manual.

For cleaning and maintenance subjects see the processor user manual. B10″ to developer replenishment container 2. Please note that processor without rollers, brushes, and heat sink model 68 weights app. When changing a fuse, first switch off all power to the machine. Setter interfaces If the processor is installed as an online system, you should now install the setter interface as described in the Interface Manual.

The rubber rollers 8 at the developer section entrance always run dry to ensure a homogeneous development.

To facilitate this a Preventive Maintenance Program has been developed, consisting of a number of relevant service-parts to be replaced at specific service intervals. Notation M8 is used on Rapzac processors. The fuses are placed on the fuse PCB behind the cover. The processor must turn off when activated. Make sure that you obtain a uniform grip in both sides and in the middle.


A-6 Low voltage wiring. Drain connections ” Never lead drain hoses from the developer section to a drain, as most developers are strong pollutants and it is strictly forbidden to empty this type of chemistry into the public sewer system. Set developer brush speed according to recommendations from the plate manufacturer.

When the cable is not in use, please reel it and secure the receptacle away from liquid and readily accessible areas. Loosen the screws 1 and adjust the actuator 2 sidewards until it fits smoothly 3 into the switch 4.

For personal protection Lint-free cloth, sponge and soft brush. Press down in each side on the upper rollers as indicated NB! If main power has been cut off temporarily the processor switches to off mode green led flashes.

Repeat 2 and 3 for the gear end of the brush roller. Conveyor connection Not all models yd85 equipment. The processor is operated on the touch screen display.

No adjustments or modifications are available on these units. Install the rollers as shown on the label.