3/27/ ZM/ZM User Guide. L Rev. A. Declaration of Conformity. I have determined that the Zebra printers identified as the. ZM™ Series. Zebra’s best-in-class Z Series printers just got better! The ZM includes additional productivity-enhancing features and modern, flexible network connectivity. The Zebra ZM ( dpi) – ZPL supports the features below. Use true Windows printer Drivers by Seagull™ to use your Zebra ZM ( dpi) – ZPL printer.

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Conversion Kit dpi and dpi to dpi. Cotizar 85 Wax, Ribbon 2. Cotizar 6 BK Wax, Ribbon 4. Cotizar 5 PCM 9-pin to 9-pin, 6 ft. This part is replaced by ZMT.

Cotizar BK Wax, Ribbon 0. Cotizar 44 BK Wax, Ribbon 3. Value peel, front mount – take-up spindle not included. Cotizar 13 ZBI 2. Cotizar 61 BK Wax, Ribbon 3. Cotizar 50 BK Wax-Resin, ribbon, 4.


ZM400 Industrial Printer Support

Cotizar 74 Wax-Resin, Ribbon 2. Cotizar This part is replaced by Cotizar 35 BK Wax, Ribbon 6.

Cotizar 14 BK Resin, Ribbon 3. Cutter and Catch-Tray, Field installable. Ribbons, T Wax Ribbon 2. Parallel printer cable, 6 ft.

Serial printer cable, DB-9 to DB9, 6 ft. Cotizar 68 BK Wax, Ribbon 2. Consulta a nuestros expertos Platicanos tus proyectos.

Download Zebra ZM Driver

Cotizar 91 BK Wax, Ribbon 1. Cotizar 67 BK Wax, Ribbon 5. Call for Single roll Availability Cotizar 96 BK Wax, Ribbon 4.

Cotizar BK Wax, Ribbon 3. Cotizar 52 BK Wax, Ribbon 3. Cotizar Performance Wax-Resin, Ribbon 1. Modelos Disponibles Accesorios Consumibles.

Cotizar 94 BK Wax, Ribbon 1. Cotizar 89 BK Wax, Ribbon 1. This part is replaced by G Includes Peel Option and Deep Base.

Impresora Zebra ZM Industrial en Impresoras de Etiquetas ZEBRA

Cotizar 83 BK Wax, Ribbon 6. Cotizar 48 BK Wax, Ribbon 2. Cotizar Performance Wax, Ribbon 8. Cotizar Performance Wax-Resin, Ribbon 3. Label Rewinders, Rewind kit. Cotizar 30 BK Resin, Ribbon 4.