igus® energy chains overview: shop with a wide selection of energy chains and energy tubes, The e-chain® catalogue can be downloaded directly online!. E-Chain® Catalogue pages with an overview of the igus® E-ChainSystems®: 5 . Separators for the adaptation of the interior separation in the cable layout. Dirt-proof. Drag chain with chip protection, single-sided swivelling, medium sizes; versatile, modular, interior separation. To the energy chains catalogue.

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To the FTA shop. Extremely quiet Quiet, low-abrasion, vibration-free energy chains. To the assembly tools shop.

Single and two-piece energy chains, 18 to 41mm inner heights.

PMA cable product overview. Configure complete energy supply systems for short or long travels as well as for hanging applications.

As long as six soccer pitches: Opens on both sides, low-cost. Energy chain white papers and videos. Quickly fillable from along the inside or outside, cost-effective single part energy chains with shorter assembly time. More information on energy chains.


e-chains® online shop – long-lasting energy chains for your application

Smooth running and cleanroom. Cost-effective solution for large volumes. The chain From the standard up to ready-to-connect. The standard construction kit for virtually all applications. Online tools Overview of all chan tools for energy chains. Diverse, modular interior separation. All existing widths can be combined.

Enclosed or easily fillable. Openable from both sides, medium sizes, 26 to 48mm inner heights. To the guidefast shop.

e-chain® online catalogue – by system

Abrasion-resistant, oval corrugated hose that collects and potential abrasion. Extremely quiet running up to 33 dB A. Quiet, abrasion-resistant, maintenance-free energy chain. Low-vibration, high speed and acceleration. Can run side-mounted over travels ft and more. FTA floating moving catalogud Compensation of parallel errors in the case of long travels. To the twisterchain, new shop.

System E Product Overview. This avoids unnecessary storage space and waste of resources. To the cleanroom shop. They optimise your supply chain for energy chains, cables, connectors, hoses, hydraulics, pneumatics, steel parts, sensors, PLC, bearings, linear guides and other machine components.


Request the kit now! Inner heights of 21 to mm.

Energy chains directly from the manufacturer’s stock within 24hrs

To the E2 R shop. This only works with a great degree of automation. Three versions of energy chains: To the zipper shop. Side-mounted with travels of feet and more, low weight. More usable installation space, quieter, stronger and longer service life. To overview of tools.

To the E2 micro shop.

E6 — extremely low-noise Up to 46 dB A. Hinged on the left and right. To the test catalgoue. Corrugated hose and hose guide solutions.

Solutions for long travels and special solutions. High strength and easy accessibility thanks to hinged crossbars.