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IEC Dimensions of Mechanical Structures of the mm (19 in) Series Part 1: Panels and Racks. IEC Mechanical structures for electronic equipment – Dimensions of mechanical structures of the ,6 mm (19 in) series – Part Basic. IEC Dimensions of Mechanical Structures of the mm (19 Inch) Series Part 2: Cabinets and Pitches of Rack Structures.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The holes in the posts are arranged vertically in repeating sets of three, with center-to-center separations of 0.

A third common use for rack-mounted equipment is industrial power, control, and automation hardware. An enclosed sealed cabinet with forced air fans permits air filtration to protect equipment from dust. Since the mounting hole arrangement is vertically symmetric, it is possible to mount rack-mountable equipment upside-down.

In the event of a nut being stripped out or a bolt breaking, the nut can be easily removed and replaced with a new one. Production of clearance-hole racks is less expensive because tapping the holes is eliminated and replaced with fewer, 6297 expensive, cage nuts.

There is no standard for airflow and cooling of rack mounted equipment. However, not all equipment is suitable for this type of mounting. Low-wattage devices may not employ active cooling, but use only passive thermal radiation and convection to dissipate heat. For instance, most optical disc players will not work upside-down because the driving motor mechanism does not grip the disc.

The inch dimension includes the edges, or “ears”, that protrude on each side which allow the module to be fastened to the rack frame with screws.

According to Telcordia Technologies Generic Requirements document GRCORE, during an earthquake, telecommunications equipment is subjected to motions that can over-stress equipment framework, circuit boards, and connectors. The inch rack format with rack-units of 1. The polyethylene shell is not fiberglass reinforced and is not rigid. Touring musicians, theatrical productions and sound and light companies use road case racks. See also Industrial PC. The inch rack format has remained constant while the technology that is mounted within it has changed considerably and the set of fields to which racks are applied has greatly expanded.


The extra width and depth enables cabling to be routed with ease also helping to maintain bend-radius for fibre and copper cables and deeper equipment to be utilised. The rack unit is a measure of vertical spacing and is common to both the 19 and 23 inch racks.

Road cases are typically made from polyvinyl chloride PVC laminated plywood sides, joined by extruded aluminum edging, steel corners, handles ief latches. The hole pattern thus repeats every 1. Bell Labs Technical Journal. Ina durable fiber reinforced plastic inch rackmount case was patented by ECS Composites and became widely used in kec and commercial applications for electronic deployment and operation.

The distance of the right edge of the right mounting rail to the left edge of the left mounting rail is millimetres These aisles may themselves be enclosed into a cold air containment tunnel so that cooling ieec does not travel to other parts of the building where it is not needed or mixes with hot air, making it less efficient. Racks carrying telecom equipment like routers and switches often have extra width to accommodate the many cables on the sides.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Road case racks come in different heights based on the 1U idc and different depths. Byit was an established standard with holes tapped for screws with alternating spacings of 1. A standard inch server rack kec is typically 42u in height, 19 inches The earliest repeaters from were installed in ad-hoc fashion on shelves, in wooden boxes and cabinets. These cases can be isolated by thick layers of iev or may use spring-loaded shock mounting.

inch rack – Wikipedia

A rack’s iev fixture consists of two parallel metal 62097 also referred to as “posts” or “panel mounts” standing vertically. The height of a rack can vary from a few inches, such as in a broadcast console, to a floor mounted rack whose interior is 45 rack units This gap allows a bit of room above and below an installed piece of equipment so it may be removed without binding on 6027 adjacent equipment.


The outer shell is frequently embossed in a self-mating pattern to combat the 62097 for stacked cases to deform slightly creating a slope that encourages the upper case to slide off.

Computer enclosure Mechanical standards Server hardware. Servers and deep pieces of equipment are often mounted using rails that are bolted to the front and rear 6097 as above, it is common for such rails to have an adjustable depthallowing the equipment to be supported by four posts, while also enabling it to be easily installed and removed.

APC SX-range racksit is common for equipment that features 4-post mounting brackets to have an adjustable rear bracket. Threaded mounting holes in racks where the equipment is frequently changed are problematic because the threads can be damaged or the mounting screws can break off; both problems render the mounting hole unusable.

Wikimedia Foundation servers as seen from the front.

19-inch rack

These posts are typically heavy gauge metal or extruded aluminum. The cases typically use extruded aluminum bands at the ends of the body with tongue-and-groove mating to like bands for the covers.

This prevents circular airflows where hot exhaust air is recirculated through an adjacent device and causes overheating. Portable rack cases using a rotary-molded polyethylene outer shell are a lower-cost alternative to the more durable ATA-approved case.

The term relay rack appeared first in the world of telephony. Equipment can be mounted either close to its center of gravity to minimize load on its front 6027or via the equipment’s front panel holes.

List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. This is usually required by local building codes in seismic zones.

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With the prevalence of inch racks in the Telecoms industry, the same practice is also common, but with equipment having inch and inch brackets available, enabling them to be mounted in existing racks. The term relay rack appears on page at the bottom of column 1. The gap between the posts is millimetres