Smaller, Compact Size – – Shaped like an air cylinder and easy to use – – Many variations to suit your needs – 1. Space-saving The new Mini ROBO. Introduction of the product information for low cost Electric Cylinder『ROBO Cylinder』. Consult IAI’s entire Intro to ROBO Cylinder® Catalog catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/

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RCP5 series with standard battery less absolute encoder. Rod type can install body part such as foot, trunnion, clavis and can replace with air cylinder as it is. Over 30 Years of IAI!

ROBO Cylinder

Environment friendly as there is no oil mist. Reduce downtime and maximize iao return. This type move directly using pulse train from PLC etc. These electric actuators are available at affordable prices similar to those of air cylinders, and kai are great economical, high-quality candidates for replacing air cylinders. The table on the main body slides until it is positioned.


There is no need to have start signal as for the solenoid valve in air cylinder, just turn on 3 terminals then it will move to those 3 corresponding positions. Multi positioning point up to points. Open the catalog to page 1. Serial communication type This type will operate the position that has been set up serial communication such as field network.

Transfer and positioning inside a clean eobocylinder Example: Open the catalog to page 2.

Pressing operation using a high thrust like robocylinxer air cylinder. Features 5 Variation Enrichment. It is also corresponding to customer control by pulse train.

Open the catalog to page 8. Lower price and higher ability to maintenance. Electric cylinder with servo motor for a high load capacity. Easy to change speed and acceleration. Additional round shape rod type for compact size actuator that can operate in 24V power.

Robo Cylinder Teaching Pendant. Ultra small electric RCD series with 12mm cross-section size. Capable of pressing operation, pitch feeding, zone output, pause input, changing speed during operation and individual setting for acceleration speed.

Open the catalog to page 7. The built-in controller offers simple wiring.

Intro to ROBO Cylinder® Catalog – IAI – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

With the introduction of a full range of Robo Cylinders, IAI is also leading the transition away from pneumatics to cost-effective, low-maintenance, and fully-programmable electric cylinders. IAI is a manufacturer of innovative electrical linear and multi-axis robotics systems.


The stainless sheet prevents dust from being raised inside the actuator, which helps achieve high cleanliness with a light vacuum. Robo Net Catalog Manufacturer: Open robocylindfr catalog to page 5. Powerpoint presentation on the robovylinder and benefits of the Intelligent Actuator product line. The AQ Seal is engineered to provide precise lubrication to critical points and will ensure optimal maintenance-free operation.

Also easy to do preparation for line changing after operate. Various mounting brackets similar to what you normally use with air cylinders are supported. No need for extra installation space for controllers.