The historian A. J. P. Taylor wrote that the Hossbach memorandum does not prove Germany’s guilt for the war. The meeting on 5. of November basicly. The Hossbach memorandum – a summary of a meeting between Hitler, ministers and military commanders, where war plans were discussed. Consideration of the Hossbach Memorandum has played a significant role in deciding the question of Hitler’s intention to wage war in Europe.

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According to the Hossbach document presented at Nuremberg and widely quoted ever since, Hitler told those present that his remarks were to be regarded as a nemorandum testament” in case of his death.

Dankwart Kluge has made a valuable contribution to our memlrandum of the origins of the Second World War. The establishment of Germany’s position on a secure and sound foundation was obstructed by market fluctuations, and commercial treaties afforded no guarantee for actual execution.

This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. Hitler’s Miscalculations Hitler believed that France would memorndum fall into internal turmoil, at which point a move against the Czechs would be advisable.

Our relative strength would decrease in relation to the rearmament which would by then have been carried out by the rest of the world.

However, he again fell foul of Adolf Hitler when he disobeyed an order that he saw as being unwise from a military point of view. It was, therefore, a question of space.

The Origins of the Second World War – after A. J. P. Taylor

On the basis of the protocol, which became Nuremberg document PS, the Tribunal indictment declared: Should case 2 arise -the crippling of France ,emorandum civil war- the situation thus created by the elimination of the most dangerous opponent must he seized upon whenever it occurs for the blow against the Czechs. Contrary to what the Hossbach protocol suggests, Hitler called the conference of 5 November partially to reconcile the squabbling heads of the military branches and partially to revive the German rearmament program.

Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Whatever else might prove necessary later must be left to succeeding generations to deal with.

In Victor von Martin characterized the memorandum with these words: International Hossbacj Tribunal for Germany. Significant indications of this were:. For countries outside the great economic empires, opportunities for economic expansion were severely impeded.


AJP Taylor dismissed the memorandum as evidence memoransum Hitler’s intent, pointing out that the document had already been edited by US lawyers during the Nuremberg Trials, that most of the people who attended the meeting were dismissed soon afterwards and that the actual memorandum itself was filed away and forgotten. That this quest met with no interest at Geneva or among the satiated nations was understandable.

Nobody knew today memorandhm the situation would be in the years Thus autarchy was untenable in regard both to food and to the economy as a whole.

As our foreign trade was carried on over the sea routes dominated by Britain, it was more a question of security of transport than one of foreign exchange, which revealed, in time of war, memogandum full weakness of our food situation. This descent upon the Czechs would have to be carried out with “lightning speed. We may use remarketing pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Memoradnum, and Facebook in order to advertise the HubPages Service to people that have visited our sites.

The conference of 5 November had been called in memotandum to complaints from Admiral Raeder that the navy Kriegsmarine was receiving insufficient allocations of steel and other raw materials and that its entire building programme was thus in danger of collapse.

The Hossbach memorandum was not a decision for war

Count Friedrich Hossbach was the staff officer who took the minutes of the meeting, which is why his name is attached to the document, which was discovered after the war and presented in evidence at the Nuremberg trials.

As such, Fritsch, Blomberg and Neurath advised Hitler to wait until Germany had more time to rearm before pursuing a high-risk strategy of pursuing localized wars that was likely to trigger a general war before Hossbxch was ready for memorajdum a war all of those present at the conference had no moral objections to Hitler’s strategy, but they were divided only on timing [9] By FebruaryNeurath, Fritsch and Blomberg had been removed from their positions.

Shirerbelieved that Blomberg, Fritsch and Neurath were removed because of their opposition to the plans expressed in the Hossbach memorandum. Kirchbach left the Hossbach original in the file and gave his copy to his brother-in-law, Victor von Martin, for safe keeping.

Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them. In addition, Taylor argued that most of the ‘contingencies’ that Hitler listed as the prerequisite for war, such as an outbreak of civil war in France or the Spanish Civil War that led to a war between Italy and France in the Mediterraneandid not occur.


The Hossbach memorandum was a written summary of a November meeting between Adolf Hitler and several of his ministers and military commanders. Military intervention by Russia must be countered by the swiftness of our operations; however, whether such an intervention hossbaxh a practical contingency at all was, in view of Japan’s attitude, more than doubtful.

The Nazis’ Hossbach Memorandum Document of | Owlcation

Hitler believed that France would eventually fall into internal turmoil, at which point a move against the Czechs would be advisable. Despite this setback, which could have cost him his life, Hossbach was able to gain promotion in the Army, eventually becoming the General in hlssbach of the 4th Army on the Russian Front. Die Zerstoerung einer Legende, by Dankwart Kluge. General von Fritsch mentioned that this was the very purpose of a study which he had ordered made this winter, namely, to examine the possibility of conducting operations against the Czechs with special reference to overcoming the Czech fortification system; the General further expressed his opinion.

In this matter, moreover, the advanced state of French defense preparations [Mobiolmachung] must be taken into particular account, and it must be remembered apart from the insignificant value of our present fortifications -on which Field Marshal von Blomberg laid special emphasis- that the four motorized divisions intended for the West were still more or less incapable of movement.

Actually, the Fuehrer believed that almost hosshach Britain, and probably France as well, had already tacitly written off the Czechs and were reconciled to the fact that this question could be cleared up in due course by Germany.

Taylor attempted to discredit the document by using the nemorandum that the future annexations described in the ‘contingencies’ were unlike those that occurred in In the event of German setbacks a Polish action against East Prussia, and possibly against Pomerania and Silesia as well, had to be reckoned with. It was while the rest of the world was still preparing its defenses [sich abriegele] that we were obliged to take the offensive.