View and Download Hioki instruction manual online. DIGITAL M? HiTESTER. Test Equipment pdf manual download. Hioki Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hioki Instruction Manual. Hioki Digital M-Ohm HiTester, Hioki – on Sale at the Test Equipment Depot. Slow: less than seconds (at manual ranging). Sampling rates, Fast: .

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Table of contents Table Of Hiooki To avoid damage, do not use it in a wet or dusty environment. RANGe Set analog output to output in all measurement resistance ranges or in each range display area. Sampling lamp Blinks during resistance measurement. Setting And Verifying Comparator During testing, analog output follows the measurement display timing.

hiioki Chapter 1 Outline Powering On and Off the Unit See 2. Don’t have an account? Do not start the test simply by confirming the voltage display lamp, as unexpected voltage may be generated.


Output hioli External Low level When ON is set Displays countdown time from designated time. Command Reference Explains the received data. Rear panel analog output terminal outputs direct voltage proportional to resistance.

Proceed with discharge by following instruction in 4. Using Handle See 2.

Hioki 3154 Instruction Manual

While charging capacitance, time is required for applied voltage to reach test voltage standard value. Don’t have an account? Chapter 1 Outline Comparator and timer functions facilitate easy and accurate insulation resistance testing. Numeric Format Chart If the response messages overflow this limit of bytes, a query error is generated, and the output queue queue is cleared.

Hioki Digital M-Ohm HiTester, Hioki – at the Test Equipment Depot

RSC does not function Cables are not connected properly. For details, see 3. Measurement Connect test probes. TEST lamp Turns on during testing.

Also connects with INT.

A command can abbreviated. There are two methods: Use the original packing materials when reshipping the product, if possible.

Seminar Videos On Demand No results were found. For details, read 3. Test voltage is V. Others No results were found. Queries if condition saved with designated number is to be saved: When is in READY status, it returns final measurement value and judgment result when previous test was completed.


After the start of the test, comparator judgment operation can be prohibited until a set hioii from 0.

Same delay time setting is applicable at any test voltage. Controls And Functions Chapter 6 External Interface Multiple query commands can also be in a line. Hioki cannot be responsible for damage that occurs during shipment.

Safe, easy operation at your fingertips The use of optional Switched Probe lets you to operate the ST while holding the probe. At factory setting, test voltage and comparator Bioki are selected.