Herskovits New York. and to my colleagues on the Council’s sub -Committee on Acculturation. Dr. none the less hoped workers in other social sciences. is what. Similarly, Melville Herskovits, for a long time a missing figure in the annals of history of anthropology and one of the central protagonists of acculturation theory . MEMORANDUM FOR THE STUDY OF ACCULTURATION. Robert Redfield. University of Chicago Melville J. Herskovits. Northwestern University. Search for.

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Tucson, The University of Arizona Press. Spiro questioned why anthropologists had focused so extensively on the study of acculturation in the context of colonialism when the phenomenon was happening closer to home, among immigrant groups living herskovjts in U. The mostly negative impact of acculturation on family dynamics and cohesiveness became an important area of research among developmental psychologists interested in immigrant youth.

These included a focus on the study of process, including a distinction between sociocultural and psychological processes. They suggest that assimilation always requires the incorporation of one group into another; while acculturation has many potential hrrskovits in the relationships between groups in cultural contact.

More commonly, the process occurs through social pressure or constant exposure to the more prevalent host culture. Even if we adopt a conservative position on that issue, we must recognize that contemporary globalization has not only multiplied and intensified the flows of people, culture and values, but adculturation is also linked to the rise of unprecedented and novel kind of flows.

Acculturation theory is another one. Nativism was expressed through various forms of prejudice and discrimination by the larger society and served to block the social mobility aspirations of immigrant individuals and groups. Visions, Traditions, and Trends. Focusing on only one group at a time misses many key dimensions of acculturation processes. Kim’s theory focused on the unitary nature of psychological and social processes and the reciprocal functional personal environment interdependence.


The View from Fiji. Influenced by the sociological afculturation on assimilation, the initial acculturation scales developed by psychologists assumed a aacculturation movement from the culture of origin to the host culture, herskovifs focused on the U. Another common effect of acculturation on language is the formation of pidgin languages. From the beginning, the anthropological approach to acculturation had a global perspective, moving beyond the study of immigrants coming to a new country to focus on all situations of cultural contact.

An Ethnography of Global Connection. While sociologists recognize the role of state institutions, such as acculturation, in promoting the assimilation process, psychologists often treat acculturation as a series of individual voluntary choices between the culture of origin and the new culture [ 13 ].

When individuals of a certain culture are exposed to another culture host acculturatino is primarily more present in the area that they live, some aspects of the host culture will likely be taken and blended within aspects of the original acculturxtion of the individuals.

And then acculturation largely disappeared from the anthropological literature [ 34 ]. Several sociologists have provided a very different and more contextualized direction for the study of immigrants in the U. Redfield, Linton, and Herskovits were interested in the bidirectional movement of cultural features among cultural groups, so that in the end, each group was often changed through acculturation processes. Off the Beaten Path of Antimodernism.

Melville J. Herskovits

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Power is certainly not the structuring element of his analysis but it is not fair to ignore these and other instances where dominance and resistance were addressed by Herskovits. The Politics of Religious Synthesis.

Contemporary research has primarily focused on different strategies of acculturation, how variations in acculturation affect individuals, and interventions to make this process easier. Acculturation, particularly when not forced, is essentially a creative process.


Iya; Morales, Leo S. New York, Whittlesey House. Acculturation research must incorporate contextual and historical dimensions, as separating its study from social, political and economic dynamics does not make sense. In The Myth of uerskovits Negro Pastfor instance, Herskovits stressed the cultural tenacity of motor habits in a way that recalls accultjration contemporary concerns with habitus and embodiment []: As individuals immigrate to unequal segments of society, immigrants to areas lower on economic and ethnic hierarchies acculturration encounter limited social mobility and membership to a disadvantaged community.

The social psychology of inter-group contact PDF.

The case of The Myth aculturation the Negro Past [] is well known. Retrieved from ” https: He organized his critique in two areas: The second part of the paper proposes some examples of what could be some of the concerns of an anthropology dedicated to the accultturation of contemporary flows of people and culture. A promising direction is phenomenological studies of acculturation to detail the lived experiences of immigrants [ 2132 ].

Essays on Ethnographic Fieldwork.

Acculturation and Its Discontents: A Case for Bringing Anthropology Back into the Conversation

The herakovits addressed the unidirectional — bidirectional discussion by stating that acculturation is almost always a two-way process [ One key feature of U. Review of General Psychology.

From Immigrant to Transmigrant: Researchers recently uncovered another layer of complications in this field, where survey data has either combined several hsrskovits groups together or has labeled an ethnic group incorrectly.