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Wahi purana aayam wala concept. Story wasn’t much promising in the beginning but since it was just a jumping base for the series, its fine. Popular on the Web.

All Time : AVSHESH

Latest Bedron For You. This is regarded as the first occasion ever where two of the most popular characters in Raj comics came together in a single issue. So all-in-all, An average read as the beginning of a series. Saturday, 01 February Another black hole series start with this comic.

It was good to see Nagrani once again.

List of Nagraj’s comics – Wikipedia

Saturday, 08 February Kahani ki starting achhi hai Thursday, 06 March Not much to say about this issue. Friday, 31 January the comic is first part of dhruva nagraj two in one comic but it shows moore nagraj less dhruva but the plot of dimention’ s was good akash kumar. The best stories branded as a Nagraj comics had Nagtaj Commando Dhruv, too, who had his own series.


Story is quite good and it set-up a very good plot for next two comics. Sunday, 09 February Y comic teen part k series hai aur y pehla part hai. Wednesday, 28 Hhedron Decent start. Reviews Friday, 24 October Story is average and complicated. Nagina, who is an old rival of Nagraj, appears on the scene to cast her revenge in role of Sanovar.

I would recommend reading it definitely Ankur Kaushik. People would line up in order to purchase the latest edition of Nagraj comics. I nafraj like the intro quite a bit, and the suspense is built so the reader anticipates the next event.

Artwork is very good, one of the best in recent time. The lines written are great. Also, why is this called a 2 in 1?

Dhruv Badola 28 Dec, And bhai sheetnag ko koi cream do,uska face din b din bekar hota ja raha h: Kahani k end tk bht hi confusion ho jta h aur last ate ate story kai nargaj sawal bina jawab diye chhod deti h Ashish Kushwaha. The fight is tough as the villains possess the power of masquerading as good guys, in this case Naggaj, who finds it difficult to tackle the enemy.

Artwork is below average. Friday, 07 February awshesh ek nai series ki shuruwaat nagrah aur bahut hi rahsayimayi tariqe se kahani shru hoti hai kahani mein hedron collider bhi hai. Friday, 07 February Complex hevron Though the first two parts show how Dracula survives the onslaught from Nagraj and his aides and carries on with his cruel ways, he eventually dies at the hands of Nagraj and his friends in the third part.


Dhruv ka role bhi achha hai But I think Dhruv will have the ultimate impact as always. Mujhe to acha laga wo khicdi.

A very engaging comic, Nagraj aur Nagina is considered one of the best creations in the comic world ever. Friday, 19 October Mujhe ye comic bahut hi boring lagi.

Top 10 Action-packed Nagraj Comics

Dhanajay and Dhruv are in a dilemma about how to release him from the trap of the villain and save the world. Sachcha Prem kabhi pura nhi hota kyunki ye shabd khud aur iske sare paryay adhure hain. Sodangi, a character in the story, seeks protection of a mysterious portrait from Nagraj and Super Hedroh Dhruva from the enemies. She challenges Nagraj throughout the story and makes his existence difficult.

Nagraj is considered to be among the first superheroes of Indian comic book scene. Wednesday, 24 July This is a good start of what seems a very interesting series. Saturday, 01 February kahaani ki dheemi shuruaat The fight between Dhruv and Nagraj makes it worth a read.