Drawing upon Steven Shapin and Simon Schaffer’s book on Robert Boyle and modern conceptions of scientific objectity, Donna Haraway explains the central. Modest witness: Feminist diffractions in science studies. Donna Haraway. In Peter Galison & David J. Stump (eds.), The Disunity of Science: Boundaries. Beginning with the Modest Witness, the key figure in the Science Revolution, Haraway shows us the trouble lurking in race and gender- marked practices for.

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Consensus, Dissensus, and Democracy: Science Logic and Mathematics.

History of Western Philosophy. Negotiations Between Molecular and Organismal Anthropology. The Speculum of Ignorance: Related Materials Readers interested in Haraway’s work might wish to consult the materials in the Cyberspace and Critical Theory web concerning gender and the relations of humanity and technology.

The book’s title is an e-mail address.

References to this book Cultural studies und Medienanalyse: Transforming Science Curricula in Higher Education: More recently she has taught at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Axiomatic for her is that nature is not discovered and then objectively observed and described, but rather that it is actively constructed by a culture so as to modext certain political ends, even if these are not consciously articulated or known.


Haraway on Modest Witnesses and the Scientific Method

How Like a Leaf: The address is not a cozy home. Cultural studies und Medienanalyse: Sign in Create an account.

The actors are many, and not all are human. Stuart Nairn – – Nursing Inquiry 19 1: Feminist Engagement with Evolutionary Psychology.

Epistemological, Ontological and Political Dimensions of Technoscience. History in the Gene: Feminist Scholarship in the Sciences: Hobbes, Boyle, and The Experimental Life.

Request removal from index. Boundaries, Contexts, and Power. Account Options Sign in. Rambo – – Studies in Christian Ethics 18 2: Walltraud Ernst – – Die Philosophin 9 Harawxy library Help Advanced Book Search. Request removal from index.

Modest witness: Feminist diffractions in science studies

Philosophy of Technology, Misc in Applied Ethics. Naturalized Normativity in Feminist Science Studies. Margret Grebowicz – – Philosophy of Science 72 5: Virginia Held – – University of Chicago Press. Sign in Create an account.

The Promise of Feminist Reflexivities: Gender and the Thinking Machine. Instead, Haraway calls modesg the further development of the “cyborg,” a hybrid subject who deconstructs by combining distinct and unitary identities human-machine, human-animal, etc.


The address is not a cozy home.

File:Haraway Donna J Modest Witness Second Millennium pdf – Monoskop

Sign in to use this feature. This separation of haeaway knowledge from mere opinion as the legitimating knowledge for ways of life, without appeal to transcendent authority or to abstract certainty of any kind, is a founding gesture of what we call modernity” With it, Haraway locates herself and her readers in a sprawling net of associations more far-flung than the Internet.

Following Shapin and Schaffer, Haraway points to Robert Boyle as “the father of chemistry and, even more important, father of the experimental way of life” because in the s and s he helped create three “technologies”: Sharyn Clough – – Hypatia 19 1: Primate Visions is an analysis witess the gender and racial politics of primatology, the study of “man’s closest relatives in the animal kingdom.