But Blumenberg’s book makes all the things that Heidegger made . His attempt to legitimate the modern age is an attempt to defend all the. ity and modernism, that the English translation of Hans Blumenberg’s The. Legitimacy of the Modern Age comes as an especially welcome event.3 For al-. Blumenberg. Hans. The legitimacy of the modern age. (Sruclies in contemporary German social thoughtl. Translation of. Die Legitimitlit der Nemeit. 2nd rev. ed.

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Search within my subject: He gives us good old-fashioned Geistesgeschichtebut without the teleology and purported inevitability characteristic of the genre, and condemned by liberals such as Popper and Berlin. He has translated eight hundred pages of very tough German as lucidly as literalness permits.

Request removal from index. Benjamin Lazier – – Journal of the History of Ideas 64 4: A Systematic Comparison of the Epochal Crisis of. Or, if not exactly a champion, at least somebody whose upbeat history we can cite against those who revel in belatedness, and against those who fear that telling big sweeping geistesgeschichtlich stories will reinforce our bad old totalising urges.

These answers consisted in variations on modren claim that the point of our lives lies in our contribution to an infinite task — the acquisition of Baconian knowledge-as-power, the satisfaction of theoretical curiosity — which lies before the species as a whole. Badly-educated English-speaking philosophers like myself the kind who read long books in German only if they absolutely have to, non sine ira et studio owe a great deal to Robert Wallace. Log In Register for Online Access. From Vita Contemplativa to Vita Lgitimacy When people who take hanx line are asked what alternative concepts they would recommend, they usually reply that the question is premature.


On this view, we are just not with it if our highest social hopes are, for example, that Somozas and Castros will be replaced by Allendes, that larger numbers of people will lead longer, more leisured lives, and that we afe eventually get solar power and nuclear disarmament.

Against Belatedness

Whatever else these people disagree about, they unite in despising the hopes of contemporary liberals. Sign in with your library card.

Blumenberg takes very seriously indeed the episcopal condemnation of St Thomas for having cast doubt on divine omnipotence, interpreting it as an indictment for curiositas. Sign in to use this feature. Science Logic and Mathematics. Here are the new concepts you need. Preparations for a Conversion and Models for the.

This moderb to say that it beats the only other two ways we know bout — the ancient attempt to find philosophical foundations, and the medieval attempt to find theological ones. He thinks that the Middle Ages reached a predestined crisis when the notion of Divine Omnipotence was thought through by Ockham to its bitter end.

Three Elements of Stakeholder Legitimacy.

The Legitimacy of the Modern Age – Hans Blumenberg – Google Books

It sees with one eye of faith and the other of reason. Legitimacy is Not Authority. Progress Exposed as Fate. Ockham urged that there was no reason knowable to man why God actualised this possible world rather than another.

Austin Harrington – – Thesis Eleven 94 1: I got this as an ex library ,odern.

Hans Blumenberg, The Legitimacy of the Modern Age – PhilPapers

The World as Gods SelfExhaustion. Preludes to a Future Overstepping of Limits. Hans Blumenberg and the Intellectual History of Technics. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription.


Modern Instrumentalization of Theory and the Problem of Measure.

Let us find out how they can be made to work for us. It should not be thought, however, that Blumenberg wants to revive Enlightenment scientism.

It is a good grounding to the various movements in Hanx during the critical period between It has not always meant that our curiosity about how things work is an essential and laudable part of us. History Law Linguistics Literature.

On the contrary, there is a moral earnestness about the book which is extremely impressive.

Justifications of Curiosity as Preparation for the. Alberto Fragio – – Logos. Hans Blumenberg’s Reformulations of the Absolute.

The ,egitimacy for a set of legitimacyy for man that would be usable in any possible world provides the criterion for the elementary exertions of the modern blumenberf the mathematising and the materialising of nature. It has been a long time since anybody with pretensions to historical depth has agreed with Macaulay about Bacon. Time enough to think of some new metaphysics or institutions or language when we have gotten rid of the old.

We cannot expect things to get any better until we rid ourselves of them and adopt a new form of intellectual life, one which helps to encourage the emergence of new forms of social life.