I’m one of the creators of Gutshot, so I definitely prefer it over The Rules With No Name. That’s to be expected, after all, because we created a. Gutshot Core Rule Book [Mike Mitchell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Using 25mm miniatures and some dice, Gutshot is a fast-paced, . Whenever I’m asked about cost reductions/increases, especially in the flurry of questions about it thanks to a newly spoiled card from the Izzet vs. Golgari decks .

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If you hit damage is rolled and applied to the target based on the weapon.

When selecting the “better” rules, it all really comes down to what kind of game do you want to play? With low carb, I tend to have more muscle and less fat. Lift a little heavier. Of course there are modifiers to be applied to that based on the actions of the character shooting and his target. Six gun Sound seems to cover the historical side well.

Since portions of both are availble for download on the ‘Net and you may be able to find someone with a copy of the riles TRWNN who might sharewhy not try both yourself?

It has painting guides, Building templates and lots more in the rules. Like many of the other wild west rules Gutshot suggest tying scenarios together to form the basic outline of a campaign but that a more well thought out campaign will create a better experience for the players and the Game Marshal.


The amount matters more. Gutshot presents a new, dynamic combat engine for running small-scale combat with 25mmmm miniatures.

Shelldrake’s Wargaming Blog: Gutshot – a quick review

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Quite the opposite – it is dead easy to play. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. They are well laid out and attractive like LotOW so that is a major plus. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Find someone that has already done what you want to do. The Ranger campaign is a great template for skirmish actions vs. If things get too hot you can move to another state, territory or across the border to Canada or Old Mexico.

It has a great reaction-based system When selecting the “better” rules, it all really comes down to what kind of game do you want to play?

I didn’t like Gutshot because I felt it really required an umpire or referee to work well. Experienced war gamers can pick up the basics in the ten pages of section two and pretty much get a game started, if only just the basics.

I read somewere that you need several “hits” to kill someone with Gutshot. I added some intermittent fasting skipping breakfast and leaned out even more. Please keep us posted with your game reports. Our stories make us who we are. It is important to know that a GM is not essential to play the game, but isn’t a bad idea when teaching new players to the game how to play. In more advanced and fun!

They just give different games. This post is about the process, not the specifics. It really comes down to what you’re looking for in a game. The game uses Two Hour Wargames reaction system and if you are unfamiliar with it have a look at the free Chain Reaction 3. So one more post after this one and then its off to the compilation post. I do this for business goals as well.


Also, it seemed that fire fights were too deadly. About my only complaint about the rules is a lack of character types such as Native Americans, Banditos and Mountain Men for example, but that is easy to fix by making your own. There are plenty of rules to handle just about anything from jumping through windows, jumping off roofs and picking the lock on a door.

For me it really does a good job of bringing you into the old west as its can be so much more than just a running gun battle. But you already have the basics down at this point. All of these games have their strengths and weaknesses and I fully understand where there are dedicated fans of each game.

How to Not Get Gutshot (My 6 Rules for Losing Belly Fat and Staying Lean All Year Round)

Actually I have both sets coming my way. We had a lot of fun with it. Too many saving throws.