de guides composteurs (référents bénévoles des sites de compostage) qui . prototype de plateforme de vermicompostage équipée de systèmes de filtres et. Typologie des candidats aux formations de maître ou guide .. englobent le lombricompostage (on dira plutôt vermicompostage en Belgique) pour les habitats. ABSTRACT – Journal of Composting Science and Utilization, Earthworm digested wastes (vermicompost) are being produced in increasing quantities to.

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According to the models of lombricomposteurs and the size of the home, you can start with g, g or 1 kg of biomass of worms. Don’t put off new litter, just to have new waste in the new plateau. The worms are attracted to waste in the higher plateaux.

No need to contact your vet or a pension for your little ones! Son charme y fait aussi pour beaucoup: I start my 1st bin. Every day, I vermicomposage up to 5 cl of concentrated liquid fertilizer Thanks to the faucet located at the bottom of the City of Worms.

Every 3 months, I get about 10 kg of solid compost in the lower tray of my City Worms I can then use to repot in the spring, feed my plants and enrich my land all year round! Families, communities, urban gardeners, children If you do not use everything, your neighbors, your vermicomoostage and your friends will appreciate these gifts. They double their numbers every 2 to 3 months approximately.


I download the user guide PDF. Avoid meat and fish, bones and the bones and in general any animal protein milk products, remains of sauces. Their intestine is a real factory to produce the “forest land” very rich in minerals and nutrients, ideal for my plants and my garden, and commonly called Vermicompost.

They don’t need light, but oxygen to live. You go on vacation? We perform our quality measures at the start of each delivery and we take care to choose our carriers for their speed and their rigour.

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The extent of vemicompostage prefer moderate and regular contributions to contributions of 1. The word vermicomposting est un faux-ami, si vous savez trouver des lombrics dans votre jardin, pas la peine de les placer dans votre lombricomposteur! Vermicomposting and composting traditional or foot of the building are actually more complementary than competitors!

Vermicomposting is a method known as ‘cold’ because there is no rise in temperature which does nothing the elimination of pathogens, as well as in conventional composting.

In nature, this prevents them from drowning. But no, you can never have too many worms! I can still go on holiday? Ask yourself vernicompostage questions about your bin and our friends the worms? Indeed, the system will be less effective because the reproduction between species between a Fetida and an Andrei for example will result in a first generation of sterile guice.

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Compostons !

The amount of waste that you can divert depends on several factors: A handful of pellets or shells of eggs or calcified seaweed each week will balance the effects of too much acid food. That is why our lombricomposteurs come with a mattress.


Its advantages are numerous: But your worms will be just as well in your basement, your pantry, your garage or any other ventilated room. Where can I find more information? But if you let your worms outside all year, better is worth to provide them a roof to protect them from the rain: At each watering, nutrients from your Vermicompost are drained into the ground.

We do not Dendrobena Veneta raise bigger, less red and very runaway Thanks to its outstanding qualities you will quickly notice the good health of your plants! For technical information about the different plants, see our Forum. Various microorganisms working in your waste, they promote the decomposition of organic matter and you don’t need to remove them.

Hemp has the advantage to attract the worms to the surface, so that they also eat fresh waste. The team is at your service from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 12 h and from 14 h to 18 h 04 67 31 75 To learn more about vermicomposting.