Grewia bicolor is a deciduous shrub or a tree; it usually grows 2 – 10 metres . An extremely variable plant, it hybridizes freely with Grewia monticola in the wild[. Grewia flavescens flowers in Hyderabad. Grewia tiliaefolia flowers in Hyderabad. The large flowering plant genus Grewia /ˈɡruːiə/ is today placed by most authors in the. False brandy bush (Grewia bicolor A. Juss.) is a many-stemmed shrub that may reach 7 to 14 m high. The bark is dark grey, deeply fissured and scaly in older.

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The bark is used as a vermifuge, diuretic and laxative, and to treat boils and sores, intestinal inflammation and syphilis. Useful trees and shrubs for Kenya. The protein value of the leaves grewis on their maturity: The biodiversity of predominant lactic acid bacteria in dolo and pito wort for the production of sorghum beer.

Grewia bicolor | Plantz Africa

The wood is also used for firesticks, as fuel wood and made into charcoal. They do not require much water and are frost-hardy. Grewia bicolor fruiting branch obtained from Zimbabweflora. BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands. The leaves are browsed by game and livestock.


In Sudan a poultice of the root is applied on pustulent skin lesions, and the root grewis taken as a tranquillizer. Technical Handbook No 5.

Grewia bicolor

The wood of Grewia plagiophylladistributed in Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania, is used for poles, posts, tool handles, bows, arrows, knobkerries and for carving. Agricultural Journal, 3 2: Medpharm Scientific, Stuttgart, Germany. Folk medicine makes use of some species, which are reputed to cure upset stomachs and some skin and intestinal infections, and seem to bivolor mild antibiotic properties.

The mineral scoring technique and evaluation of indigenous browse species as natural mineral phytocentres for goats grewiia African rangelands.

Kyffhäuser flora – Grewia bicolor var bicolor

Grewia bicolor fruititng branch. Rate this plant Is this an interesting plant? In Burkina Faso the bark or leaf fibres are used in the preparation of sorghum beer bicolod make it clean and to remove bitterness.

Its larvae are parasitoids of other insects – possibly pests of the plant, but this is not known for sure. The seed weight is 65— g. Wikispecies has information related to Grewia. Grewia bicolor x – 9k – jpg gardening. The sun-dried fruit, that looks like a raisin, is sometimes stored to be used in the dry season.


No specific literature seems available on the utilisation of Grewia bicolor in rabbit feeding June The bark is used to clarify muddy water and sorghum wort, and to alleviate the bitterness of sorghum bicoloor Orwa et al.

The wood of Grewia bicolor is hard and strong; young branches have good elastic properties. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

In Kenya it is recorded as flowering throughout the year, peaking in November—January. The production and consumption of Acacia browse and its potential for animal protein production.

Per g dry gdewia the fruit contains: In view of the normally small size of the tree, its timber is unlikely to become important as sawn wood.

Some species once placed in Grewia or genera synonymous with it have since been moved elsewhere, particularly to Microcos: The branches of Grewia pinnatifida Mast. False bicolorr bush Grewia bicolor.