Discover how to master Kettlebell Training and how to progress from Complete Guide to Kettlebell Training from Beginner to Advanced. By Greg Brookes. So how about giving this interval kettlebell workout a try: UK personal trainer Greg Brookes created a simple yet effective routine involving 6. Kettlebell instructor Greg Brookes points out that one of the biggest misconceptions about kettlebells is that you should choose the same weight.

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Maintain an upright posture throughout.

Discover the 10 Best Kettlebell Workouts for You

Try walking 30 steps at first and then switch arms. Slowly lower back to the starting position and repeat.

Learn how to live in line with nature. We take your privacy seriously. As a result, kettlebell workouts deliver a double benefit brokes cardio and strength, while also helping to improve flexibility and balance. Who is this Chap? From a vertical position in the water, run down to the other end of the pool.

About Greg Brookes of Kettlebell Workouts

Lift your butt and hips off the floor without moving your feet. Keep your right arm straight and locked out so you don’t compromise your shoulder.


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The two handed kettlebell swing is very dynamic and involves swinging the kettlebell … [Read more They aren’t any different then the weights that I use as far as muscle toning is concerned. Kettlebbell should be tight and engaged.

You will now be in a seated position. Your left arm should be out to the side.

Meet Greg Brookes

For men, he suggests oettlebell with 12kg 25 pounds for beginners, or 16kg 35 pounds for those with some strength experience, working up to 24kg 53 pounds over time. Trainer Michael Brookse loves using kettlebells in his clients’ workouts, because they allow for more mobility in the joints and personal adjustments can be easily made.

Discover the 10 Best Kettlebell Workouts for You. Thanks for stopping by Greg Brookes P. Start with the kettlebell in one hand. Get the 10 Best Swingers Workouts!

Research … [Read more Below I’ve categorised 19 … [Read more As you rise, push down on your right heel. Her favorite exercise is the one-handed run. Bring the kettlebell up to the opposite shoulder and press it up directly overhead. I usually start with a 10kg kettlebell and assess from there. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or more advanced, using kettlebell workouts for fat loss will generate full body results without … [Read more Your left leg is now back kettldbell your body and you should have a neutral spine.


We asked some trainers to share their favorite moves and you might be surprised at the myriad of ways that a single brooked can shape, strengthen and sculpt your muscles. Choose your level below: Learn to move like our ancestors did and regain kettoebell childhood ease of movement.

Kettlebell Blog by Greg Brookes | Helping You Succeed With Kettlebells

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If you are new to kettlebell training or only have limited experience then this is the article for you.