Low cost Glulam Portals have been successful in achieving a total saving of up to 13% in comparison to standard steel frame structures, when compared to the. Glulam frame of a roof structure. Glued laminated timber, also called glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product The result was the first glulam portal. In , Hetzer moved his company to Ettersburger Strasse, still in Weimar. Key words: construction design, structure, three-pinned frames, long-span, . Glulam portal frames (reproduced from Handbook 1 – Timber structures. ).

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Architectural design and construction No other building material can be compared with glulam for expressing architectural or structural possibilities. Glulam manufactured in Sweden corresponds to strength classes in accordance with Eurocode 5. Views Read Edit View history.

The roof of the Richmond Olympic Oval trame, built for speed skating events at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbiafeatures one of the world’s largest clearspan wooden structures.

Two churches in Northumberland are now thought to have the earliest extant uses: Structural design The glulam technology allows the manufacture of thick, wide and very long components; not just simple straight but curved elements too.

In elements of this type, any characteristics or features, such as knots, which may exist in the individual laminates, are equally spread, unlike a solid timber element from the same species. Glulam is one tenth the weight of steel glulsm one sixth the weight of concrete — the embodied energy to produce it is one sixth of that for a comparable strength of steel.

Glue type I may be used for glulam construction in any climate class, while glue type II is limited to climate classes Composite materials Engineered wood Timber framing. These structural members are used as vertical columns or horizontal beamsas well as curved, arched shapes. The development of resin glues contributed to the wide use of glued laminated timber construction. This means that glulam beams can span large distances with a minimal need of intermediate supports.


A high strength to weight ratio, enabling wide spans. Joints with casein glues struggled with detachment due to inherent stresses in the wood. The following Framee standards are relevant to the topic of glulam. Considering the conventional way frane construction with steel or reinforced concrete moment-frame, this glulam-and-steel combination case is regarded as an advanced way to realize the economy and aesthetic in the construction.

Glulam is readily produced in curved shapes and it is available in a range of species and appearance characteristics to meet varied end-use requirements. Charcoal biochar Firelog Firewood Pellet fuel Wood fuel. You can help by adding to it. Straight beams are manufactured with a constant cross-sectional dimension, mono-pitched or double-pitched. The roof includes 2, cubic metres of Douglas-fir lamstock lumber in glulam beams.

Glulam is the term used for beams, arches or columns consisting of several laminates of timber arranged parallel to the longitudinal axis of the member; the individual pieces being assembled with their grains approximately parallel and glued together to form a member which functions as a single structural unit.

Glulam construction

Each component, bonded under pressure, comprised three or more horizontally arranged laminations. Shell structures provide a wide choice of advanced forms free from columns. An appealing aesthetic appearance which acts as a valuable addition to the interior and exterior environment.

Computer-controlled fabrication CNC allows architects and designers to cut glued laminated timber in unusual shapes with a high degree of precision. Free spans of over m have been built. Here portaal [6] Otto Hetzer set up a steam sawmill and carpentry business in Kohlstrasse. Glulam has greater strength and stiffness than structural timber of similar dimensions.

The following sizes in the table are in stock and should be the first choice, especially if only a few beams are involved.

In contrast with laser cutting machines, the cost-effective CNC machines carve the material using mechanical tools, like a router.

They are used by all of the countries that subscribe to the European Committee for Standardisation:. Good heat insulating characteristics, reducing the effect of cold bridges and the risk of frxme. If they are burned at the end of their service life, more energy can be recovered than was used to manufacture them.


Glued laminated timber

It also means architects and engineers have virtually unlimited possibilities when designing their own constructions in glulam, whether the task is a small house, the roof of a department store or a road bridge. The 21,square-feet wide and foot high Vesica Pisces-shaped building formed the frame with a glued-laminated timber beam and steel-rod skeleton covered with a glass skin.

Flexible production, enabling curved structural components to be produced at lower costs than other materials. However, the laminating process allows timber to be used for much longer spans, heavier loads, and complex shapes.

Glulam structures can be erected quickly and simply by using prefabricated units. Glulam beams can be arranged in the form of a grid.

When glued laminated timber was introduced to the building technology in the early twentieth century, casein glues, which are waterproof but have low shear strengths, were widely used. Glued laminated timberalso called glulamis a type of structural engineered wood product comprising a number of layers of dimensioned lumber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. Because of their composition, large glulam members can be manufactured from a variety of smaller trees harvested from second- and third-growth forests and plantations.

One advantage is that all glulam components can be made in the factory in suitable sections for transportation, and then assembled on the building site. The world’s tallest glulam structure has been built in BrumunddalRingsakerHedmarkNorwayit is an 18 storey building.

Glulam construction

Glulam consists of individual laminates of structural timber, providing a highly effective utilization of the raw material. It was built as the replacement of the Cathedral of St. Glulam is also used for the construction of multi-use facilities such as churches, school buildings, and libraries, and the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, California, is one of the examples in a way to enhance the ecological and aesthetic effect.