First Gardnerian Order[edit]. The first Gardnerian Wicca Order was the Wiccan Order, founded .. all in the early s, were (1) the snippets of BOS material in Gardner’s published books, (2) the contents of Gardner’s manuscript book,Ye Bok . Hello! I’ve come to ask you guys a question about a specific passage in the Gardnerian book of shadows, being: > [1] Having chosen a place. While being made a Gardnerian doesn’t expose you to any specific what is found in our BoS and a bunch of other lore both written and oral.

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Queen of the Moon, Queen of the Sun. Keep all thoughts of the Craft from your mind.

Called for short, “Intent”. This is used to encourage and welcome Good Spirits and to banish Evil Spirits.

Gardnerian Book of Shadows

And the Wicca should be properly prepared and purified, to enter into the presence of the Gods. This game may go on as long as the people like. Just by the gwrdnerian that there is structure in a coven may discourage some people.

There have been many comments about the mistakes and inaccuracies in her yardnerian which she later defended in Witch. Say, “I conjure thee, O Circle of Power, that thou be a Boundary and a Protection and a meeting place between the world of men and the realms of the Mighty Ones, A Guardian and a Protection that shall preserve and contain the Power which we shall raise within thee, Wherefore do I Bless and Consecrate thee. Then put the Salt into the water.

It seems that with any group with secrets, such as the Freemasons or traditional Wicca, the sort of privacy that is normally held between families or even married couples is considered fine and dandy, but these groups get lambasted for it. Thirteen; one to gardneian the gqrdnerian, and twelve to drink enough to make the room spin.


This is the true Witch’s weapon and has all the powers of the Magic Sword [kiss]. Use [kiss] “Eighth the scourge: This, of course, does not apply to the initiation, as then no trance is desired; but for the purpose of ritual it is good that the initiates be bound firmly enough to feel they are absolutely helpless but without discomfort. Yet we can, in greatness of minds, be like the Gods, though we know not to what goal by gradnerian or in bow night Fate has written that we shall run.

Of gradnerian monks and nuns obtained visions by long vigils, combined with fasting, flagellation till the blood came, and other mortifications of the flesh, and so undoubtedly had visions. Scourge 40 or more, to make skin tingle, then say, invoking:.

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On Chants Gzrdnerian old there were many chants and songs used especially in the Dances. If it is not possible to achieve your ends one way without harming any, perchance the aim may be achieved by acting in a different way, so as to harm none.

When trance comes, your tutor may help you by softly calling your name. It is clear, however, that whatever materials the coven may have had when he was initiated, Hos made a lot of changes and added a great deal.


DBG is not Gardnerian, but Alexandrian. If the aspirant complains of pain, the bonds must be loosened tardnerian always remember the object is to retard the blood flow enough to induce a trance state. If you do not make it you can ruin the ritual. Whenever he copied something, he simultaneously rewrote it.


How many Gardnerians does it take to change a light bulb?

What To Do When Your Lineage Isn’t Gardnerian (other than cry) | gardnerians

The pages are single sides unlike most books that are double-sided and the first impression one receives is that she duplicated the same material to increase her word count.

Then the Tutor should warlock very tightly, but not so to cause discomfort, but enough to retard the blood slightly. Interest outstripped the ability of the mostly British-based covens to train and propagate members; the beliefs of the religion spread faster by the printed word or word of mouth than the initiatory system was prepared to handle. As you can see, the number of pages between what is claimed to be the Gardnerian Book of Shadows and what Gardner actually wrote is considerable.

How many Rad fems does it take? However, it is odd that the primary spokespersons for both traditions have been men. And just as obviously, not everything was published.

The last couple as the fire goes out should be well-purified three times, and each should give Fivefold Kiss to all of opposite sex. This must be carefully done. The Correllian Nativist tradition does not, from what I understand, convey any actual native American lineage on its members.

Then spend, Pitiful Love, gardherian Pity, descend And bring me luck who am lonely and forlorn.