available a transcript of Gelek Rimpoche’s Ganden Lha Gyema teachings that is Rinpoche mentions in his Gaden Lha Gyama, pg. ‘Jetsun lama. This commentary on the Ganden Lha Gyema guru yoga, the backbone of one’s practice, adresses Vajrayana-practitioners as well as those that want to prepare. This is a teaching on the Lama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga text, Hundred Deities of the Land of Joy or Ganden Lha Gyama, by the Sera Je Lama.

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Lama Tsongkhapa is, in one way, as I explained before, the combined form of all the attributes of Buddha Maitreya in nature. The great wisdom of the Victorious Ones and their sons comes in the form of the deity and fills our body.

People who have the great fortune of following and practicing the Mahayana Dharma are the most fortunate ones.

He was the founder of the Gelug Lineage. Then sit facing the altar and begin your practice by inviting Lama Tsongkhapa from Tushita from the heart of Buddha Maitreya and then make the offerings, prostrations and the following limbs.

Actually, they are lions in appearance, but in nature they have the quality of the enlightened mind. Three light rays emanate from the heart of Lama Tsongkhapa and his two chief disciples. One is to purify all obstacles and interferences; the other is to grow and develop all the inner qualities. In front of you there are three gandenn heaps of gyana. Therefore, these eight worldly dharmas that give us so much trouble are completely unworthy of the attachment we have for them.

Thus we receive within ourselves the quick wisdom of every buddha.

If you are interested you can read his extensive biography, which explains in his life in great detail. It is not absolutely yellow; it is more like orange.

The Tibetan Buddhist Way. For example, by sowing grape seeds in a field we obtain a great crop of grapes. We dedicate all the merits that we have accumulated lna beginningless time up to now for two great purposes. The essence of the teaching of Lama Tsongkhapa is these three principles of the path and the practice of tantra as well. With this visualization we practice the lama mantra and another mala, after reciting the following verse. They meditated with great effort for many years until each accomplished the goal of his meditation.


After you have finished one mala for the development of clear wisdom, stop and recite this verse; then with this visualization, recite one mala of the lama mantra for the development of quick wisdom.

When the fortunate ones, those who practice the Mahayana Dharma, hear a teaching of the vast and profound Buddhadharma, it pleases their ear sense. There are many different ways to offer flowers. In reality, the tradition of Lama Tsongkhapa is the Kadam tradition, which was founded by Lama Atisha. This invites and brings back to us ggyama great wisdom of all the buddhas in the form of countless Manjushris in all sizes.

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We should offer incense that smells good, but the fragrant incense and scented water we offer should be natural and pure, like from sandalwood and flowers, not chemical perfumes and powders or the smell of soap or anything like that.

They come down instantly, suddenly; spontaneously. Usually when we prostrate to lga praise the body, speech and mind of the Buddha, we do it in that order—body, speech and mind—but in this guru yoga, mind comes first, then speech, then body. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Mig-me means no true inherent nature to apprehend.

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Therefore, Lama Tsongkhapa is called the king of Dharma. Even in this world, there are countless forms of Lama Sumati Kirti helping sentient beings.

But neither are great wisdom and clear wisdom enough; we also need quick wisdom; wisdom that is very fast without taking time. We are completely deceived by these eight worldly principles.

After five lua of recitation of the lama mantra, if you have time and want to practice more of the lama mantras that is better. Ggama energy, possessions and material power are deteriorating. Dedication Therefore, the next limb is that of dedication. After taking refuge, gymaa bodhicitta, purifying the place, blessing the offerings and so forth, we begin the actual guru yoga by inviting Lama Tsongkhapa from the heart of Buddha Maitreya.


Ganden Lha Gyama

For example, he made so many mandala offerings using a flat piece of stone as a mandala base that his arm became so calloused that it was almost like a horn. So, the one who is the lord of the hundred devas of Tushita is Maitreya Buddha, who is lord not in the sense of a worldly lord leading a country but in the sense of being the spiritual master, leader or guide of all those beings.

In addition to those, many of us have also taken tantric initiations in which we have received bodhisattva and tantric vows. Most of the transcripts are also available as kindle books from Amazon if desired. Sumati Kirti is his human name, his Dharma name as a human being.

Tsongkhapa Lobzang Drakpa was born in the Tsongkha region of Amdo in Therefore, for the development of clear wisdom, all the atoms of the amrita are visualized in the form of this seed syllable DHI. For example, a wise doctor gives medicine to different patients according to the strength of their body. Once there, he met many great masters and not only put great effort into studying all the teachings of the Buddha, but he also meditated on them, realized their profound meaning, and became so glorious that he became like the sun, completely illuminating the whole of Tibet with the light of Dharma.

So from outside and inside we become completely in the form of orange light. At this time, I am giving you a simple meditation especially for the development of the four wisdoms. They are called worldly dharmas because they are the principles of worldly people, those who do not practice Dharma at all or who do not practice it purely, beings whose whole lives are completely spent and sacrificed for gaining the first four and abandoning the second four.

The fifth worldly dharma is aversion to the suffering of this lifetime. Making infinite offerings to the buddhas symbolizes infinite development of all inner qualities and richnesses. He is both lama and Buddha in one.