Mr. Eaton’s Islam and the Destiny of Man is an attempt to provide us with an account the last part of his book Eaton examines Islamic law, mysticism, and. Gai Eaton’s “Islam and the Destiny of Man” is a wide-ranging study of the religion of Islam from a traditional point of view. Covering all aspects.

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Strategies for adapting as a muslim to the challenges of the modern or post-modern age are needed much more right now than harkening back nad the way things were before humanity left the farm, moved to the city and went to colllege. This book is a legacy for posterity and an example of how magnificent British Islam can get. Books by Charles Le Gai Eaton.

Islam and the Destiny of Man – Charles Le Gai Eaton, Gai Eaton – Google Books

Gave 5 stars to this book. The sensitivity and respect he shows the Christian outlook is a great example to other converts in how to come to grips with their origins. Selected pages Title Page. Continuity and Contrast 3.

Making Virtuous Daughters and Wives. For me, mann section was an education in the depth of the Islamic tradition, and a reminder that there is so much to learn!

The book as such starts of with a rather academic feel and the subject matter is serious and thought provoking.

Islam and the Destiny of Man

He relates an argument between Ddestiny and his General Amr ibn al-As. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Nonetheless, we are still human, and therefore subject to imperfections as humans.

Their experiences are not recorded in any epic histories yet they are the ones who built the social and ethical scaffolding that comprise the world of Islam, not the many caliphs, kings and princes who came and went with their dramas. Email required Address never made public.


It is therefore incumbent upon us to recognise the facts of our sitaution, which is one of total dependence, total indebtedness. I don’t necessarily agree with all his views, but this truly was one of the most moving works I’ve ever read. The Rule of Law That commitment sometimes manifests as a kind of reverse orientalism, conjuring a static, unchanging golden Islamic islaam that then must be defended with strenuous apologetics; and sees nothing of value in the constant godless upheavals of the present, as in the image of young Muslims being corrupted by Western higher education “passport Muslims”, he sighs.

The Making of destiiny Faith 4. May 22, Reem rated it it was amazing. Nothing there is lost, for the smallest loss would be an impermissible imperfection, a stain on the oc and the very fact that we love something on this earth is sufficient proof that it is a reflection of what exists there incomparably more beautiful form. Art, Environment and Mysticism No preview available – He writes with clarity, warmth, authority, musicality.

In the second part of the book he explains the ddestiny of the Qur’an and tells the dramatic story of Muhammad’s life and of the early Caliphate. But by any means, this is not an easy read, and though these are just about odd pages, the narrative requires an extraordinary attention and careful reading.

Islam and the Destiny of Man

As humans, our independence is there in that we are created with free will, but not there in that we are dependent upon the Creator for that free will. I couldn’t read the rest of the book.

It builds to great effect, and at the end I marvelled at this wonderful man who found his home in Islam. Islam is a fundamentally different w this eaaton be the best book I’ve ever read. I was initially disturbed by the philosophical underpinnings of the author, particularly the “universal validity of religions” of which the first quarter of the book is laden, but he won me back over with an affectionate narrative of Umar ibn al-Khattab’s rule and from that point on, the few perceived flaws of the book faded away into the background.


I’ve read this in Indonesian a few years ago I forget the translated title, having rented it from a eqton book rentaland so I decided to buy the English version in Amazon.

Continuity and Contrast 3. Geo Tarek rated it liked it Aug 29, Only with our muslim children will that background attenuate or transform or dissappear, and for that reason I am so curious to hear and read the voices of the children of our celebrated convert scholars, convert imams and convert da’ees, may I live long enough to do so.

Account Options Sign in. The Rule of Law.

Other reviewers who gave 5 stars to this book have praised it much than I would have been able to do so read those. Umar had confiscated thhe the Baitul Mal half the wealth Amr had gained from conquering Egypt. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Throughout the book the author is concerned not simply with Islam in isolation, but with the very nature of religious faith, its spiritual and intellectual foundations and the light it casts upon the mysteries and paradoxes of the human condition.

In addition isslam the perennial philosophy, he makes mention of the “closure of gau gates of ijtihad” which is more of an annoyance than a serious flaw – though he manages gives a decent philosophical defense of ithis characterization of “intoxicated” Sufism is problematic AND he argues for the temporality of Hell something which in less confusing times was considered a blatant act of kufr.

Contents Islam and Europe.