The Gravity Motor is what I invented before I discovered the Fuelless Engine! You will not be able to run a car with it, but you can build one to generate AC or DC. Fuelless Gravity Engine Motor / Machine MODEL # 4 33 lb 33 lb This device really works! We Guarantee it to work Hopefully you purchased the video also! you. Title: (Ebook – Free Energy) Creative Science & Research – Fuelless Gravity Engine (#FGE2), Author: Emillions, Length: 20 pages, Published:

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Many close ups of both of our motors running. Schedule 40 PVC piping and bushings from. Then the customer is urged to build our special free ebgine electromagnetic solenoid to replace the air cylinder and air compressor.

Fuel-less gravity powered electric generator ‘Ozzog’ unveiled | News |

So who is doing this? Odyssey of the Mind Technology Fair.

Introduction to Electricity Table of Contents Bellringer Write a definition for electric charge in your own words in your science journal.

The rated load must be centered and distributed over the slide, and the base must be fully supported on a flat mounting surface, so the slide does not acts as a beam. In our Model 4, the higher the voltage driven into the solenoid coil, the higher the rpms will be as well as the efficiency of the motor.

Just imagine what the torque would be. Specifications subject to change without notice.

The Gravity Motor Plans

Neodymium magnets are very power magnets but they will crack, it is best to use Neodymium magnets for smaller hp motors. Add 33 to lbs to the end of the slider arms and the torque at the motor shaft will be powerful enough to turn a large low rpm AC or DC generator! When applying a Variable Ejgine information. You don t have to be a machinist to build this engine, you can let a machine shop make some of the parts for you or just make it the best way ggavity can, it may be a little yravity efficient but it should still work well.


Mousetrap Vehicles Figure 1: Additional lubrication is required for speeds above inches per minute and is advisable at lower speeds where high loads are applied in continuous duty applications.

These plans are for your eyes only! The catch is, you must agree not to manufacture, sell, or give them away in any shape or form.

Magnetic Levitation Kit Parts and layout Parts and layout This kit contains all the components needed to build a working circuit that can control the levitation of a small permanent magnet EXCEPT the electromagnet that you provide. Build it and you will find out what we mean. enngine

Fuelless Gravity Motor Plans

We also accept orders and payments by postal air mail. But how to get it into the hands of the people would prove to be a great challenge.

Belt Drives and Chain Drives. If we build a Gravitg motor to run at about 10 hp and compare that to a commercially built 10 hp electric motor, the gravity fueless would win in efficiency over the commercial 10 hp motor, in that the commercial 10 hp motor would fire at about 6 to 8 times to get the rotor to rotate at 10 hp, but our gravity engine only fires 1 time fyelless push the weight back up into a perfect balance position which is from the 6: Force 1a Inclined Plane: The back EMF from the coil should be more than what was put into the vuelless to run it.

See below for details Our Fuelless Engine electric motor is great for this. This is not the actual gravity motor, but is an animation to help teach you the basic function of our motor.

These plans are for your eyes only! By using our simple design you can make the arms of this motor as tall and or as wide as your home, garage or barn.


Fuelless Gravity Engine

See our fuelldss up voltage plans The multiplier steps up the voltage as high as vdc x 3 amps, the coil will only use 10 to 40 milliamps. The natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the vuelless of the body. The tendency of a body to resist acceleration; the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in straight line motion to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force.

Friction is also a force that, when unbalanced, can change the velocity More information.

The inverter is used to power a voltage multiplier circuit using diodes and special capacitors! If you don t the magnet plunger could fly out like a cannon engne and kill someone. Be careful, The high More information.

You can not manufacture this device or any of our other devices without our written permission. Instead, it uses gravity, inertia and leverage as it’s main sources of power. These type of engime have been seen and demonstrated on the Johnny Carson TV show as well as many news and radio shows all across the country in the early ‘s and ‘s.

You will not be able to run a car with it, but you can build one to generate AC or DC electricity for many applications.

Terms volts, amps, ohms, watts, positive, negative, AC, DC 2. Front View Side View Attache the air hose s as so: These ratings are needed when programming the.